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the Dutch by Mieke Daniels-Waterman. Gefen, 1992. 62 p. (12
A memoir recalls how the author from the age o f twelve to
fifteen survived in occupied Holland — through luck and the help
o f the Dutch Resistance. It as much a testimony to them, as to
anyone else. Written beautifully, with mystical overtones that draw
the reader into the experience. It has been translated into German,
Hebrew, and English from the Dutch.
il l o n
, E
i l i s
Children of Bach.
Scribner’s, 1992. 160 p. (10-14)
During World War II, three Jewish children come home from
school to discover that their musician parents have been arrested.
Forced to flee, they embark on a daring escape, relying on their
wits and saved by their musical ability and the kindness o f stran­
o l p h i n
, L
a u r ie
Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam; Oasis of peace,
by Ben Dolphin. Scholastic, 1993. 48 p. (7-10)
About the remarkable school in Israel that brings together Israeli
Jews and Arabs.
* D
r u c k e r
, M
a l k a
Grandma’s latkes.
Illus. by Eve Chwast. Gulliver/HBJ,
1992. 32 p. (3-7)
While Molly and Grandma prepare the potato latkes, Grandma
tells her the story and offers her cooking secrets. She reminds
Molly to pass on the tradition to her grandchildren. Unusual il­
lustrations are actually woodcuts printed on Japanese rice paper
and painted in muted watercolors and a soft brown line.
r u c k e r
, M
alk a
a l p e r i n
, M
ic h a e l
Jacob’s rescue: A Holocaust
Bantam/Skylark, 1993. 128 p. (12-15)
One Passover, Jacob’s daughter is finally told the story o f how
he and his brother, David, were hidden in Warsaw from 1942
to 1945 by the Roslans, an idealistic Polish family who were friend­
ly with their physician-uncle. A fictionized true story with a sat­
isfying ending.
* D
r u c k e r
, O
lg a
e v y
Holt, 1992. 146 p. (10-14)
When her parents recognized what the Third Reich meant for
Jews in Germany, Ollie was sent to England as part o f the
Kindertransport movement. This autobiography covers her ten
difficult years in England.
* E
d w a r d s
, M
ic h e l l e
Blessed are you: Traditional everyday Hebrew prayers.
Lothrop, 1993. 32 p. (5-8)
A folksy, down-to-earth daily prayerbook for young children.
Edward’s rephrasing o f the prayers helps relate them to everyday
life and her illustrations show a world peopled by ordinary folks.
e d e r
, H
a r r ie t
Mystery in Miami Beach: a Vivi Hartman adventure.
Lerner, 1992. 176 p. (10-14)