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Vivi Hartman’s winter vacation in Miami with her grandmother
turns out not to be dull — with muggings at the condominium
and a mystery that began in Nazi Germany aboard the ship
An exciting read.
♦ F
in k
, I
d a
The journey.
Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1992. 250 p. (12 up)
Two Jewish sisters posing as Christians report to a transit camp
to be sent to work in Germany, facing countless dangers and forced
into a series o f escapes and changes in identity.
♦ F
i s h e r
, L
e o n a r d
v e r e t t
David and Goliath. Illus. by the author.
Holiday, 1993. unp. (6-10)
This is surely the “mother o f all David and Goliaths.” Fisher’s
majestic chalk paintings are dramatic renditions o f this mighty
theme, and his David is so Jewish. The telling is simple and stark.
a n z
, Y
a f f a
The biggest littlest birthday cake.
Illus. by Harvey Klineman.
Feldheim, 1992 (6-8)
A Mimmy and Simmy story (one o f a series) that teaches the
importance o f sharing.
a n z
, Y
a f f a
Savta Simcha, Uncle Nechamya and the very strange stone
in the garden.
Illus. by Bina Gevirtz. Feldheim, 1992. 92 p. (8-10)
A stone with unusual powers and a mysterious light, leads to
an adventure-filled journey to Tsefat and back.
e l l e r
, B
e v e r l y
The upsherin: Ephraim’s first haircut;
the Shalom
Zachar at Nachum’s house.
Illus. by Miriam Berg. CIS, 1991. unp.
Two picture story books about rituals honoring baby and toddler
boys in the Orthodox tradition.
e l lm a n
, E
l l ie
Jeremy’s dreidel.
b y
Judith Friedman. Kar-Ben,
1992. unp. (5-9) he and pb
A boy makes a Braille dreidel for his father and wins the un­
derstanding and cooperation o f his friends. Dreidel instructions
are appended. Muted watercolor illustrations with fully realized
portraits o f Jeremy.
e t t in g e r
, S
h i f r a h
A very special gift.
Illus. by Tova Leff. HaChai,
1993. unp. (6-10)
Gali, a child from a traditional family, wants to buy her mother
something special for Purim. She finally earns the money to buy
markers to decorate a platter given to her by the kindly hardware
man, but it gets broken. How does something good come from
this? Read and find out.
♦ G
il m a n
, P
h o e b e
Something from nothing.
111. by the author. North
Winds Press/Scholastic Canada Ltd., 1993. unp. (4-8)
A charming book based on a Yiddish folktale o f a favorite article
wearing out and converted successively into something smaller.
The surprise is that there are two stories going on simultaneously,