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one above and one below. Winner o f the Sydney Taylor Award,
o l d i n
, B
a r b a r a
i a m o n d
Fire! The beginnings of the labor movement.
111. by James Watling. (Once upon America Series). Viking, 1992.
54 p. (8-12)
The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in New York as seen
through the eyes o f eleven-year-old Rosie whose older sister
Freyda, but not her cousin Celia, survives the fire. This is a highly
readable account o f how the Jews in America helped to begin the
labor movement.
o l d i n
, B
a r b a r a
i a m o n d
The magician’s visit,
adapted by Barbara
Goldin from a tale by I.L. Peretz. Illus. by Robert Andrew Parker,
Viking, 1993. 32 p. (5-10)
The Elijah legend about the mysterious magician is once again
the inspiration for a picture book. This version o f the Peretz story
is the best I’ve seen, outstanding in its art and writing.
r e e n w a l d
, S
h e il a
Rosy Cole discovers America!
Illus. by the author.
Joy/Little, 1992. (8-12)
When her class celebrates “Columbus Day, USA is Us,” Rosy
at first invents a fancy story about her immigrant grandparents,
but later, ashamed o f being ashamed, she demonstrates what really
happened in a most hilarious way. Historically Jewish.
r o s s
, J
u d i t h
Celebrate: a book of Jewish holidays.
Illus. by Bari
Weissman. (All Aboard Books) Platt & Munk, 1992. unp. pb (7-9)
An introductory book for young children or anyone who knows
nothing about Jewish holidays. Explains the holidays clearly and
* H
a u t z i g
, E
s t h e r
The endless steppe: growing up in Siberia.
HarperCollins, 1992. (reissue) (10-16)
This matchless autobiography, long out-of-print, is again avail­
able in hard cover.
* H
a u t z ig
, E
s t h e r
Illus. by Donna Diamond. HarperCollins,
1992. 43 p. (9 up)
The rabbi’s advice surprises Samuel and Chaya-Rivka, two char­
itable hard-working people about to retire, but when it is followed
a new perspective is revealed to them on what is truly o f value.
* H
e s s e
, K
a r e n
Letters from Rifka.
Holt, 1992. 148 p. (10-14)
A novel in the form o f letters to Rifka’s cousin back home in
Russia o f 1919, describes the family’s escapes, frightening encoun­
ters, bouts with typhus, and the ringworm which keeps her in Bel­
gium, and a year later, almost gets her sent back to Russia from
Ellis Island.
* I
s h
i s h o r
, S
u l a m i t h
Our Eddie,
Knopf, 1992 (reissue). 183 p.