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Generational conflict is at the root o f this family tragedy. Teen-
aged Eddie is a good boy and a loving son to his family, but he
can never please his stern, embittered father. An unforgettable
a f f e
, N
i n a
In the month of Kislev: a story for Hanukkah.
Illus. by Louise
August. Viking, 1992. 32 p. (5-9)
The story o f a wise rabbi who tricks a wealthy merchant out
o f his unjust demand for payment from a poor peddler, shaming
the merchant into giving charity during the holiday o f Hanukkah.
August’s beautifully composed stylized woodcuts are perfect for
the story.
a t z
, B
o b b i
A family Hanukkah.
Illus. by Caryl Herzfeld, Random,
1992. 40 p. (4-8)
Describes a family’s delightful visit to the grandparents’ house
on the first night o f Hannukah. Painterly illustrations show the
children busy with holiday preparations, the family meal where
latkes are consumed, the candlelighting and the story o f Hanuk­
kah. Leaves one with a glow.
* K
im m e l
, E
r ic
A .
The spotted pony: a collection of Hanukkah stories.
by Leonard Everett Fisher. Holiday, 1992. (7-11)
A story for each night o f Hanukkah, with a brief
preceding each one. Reteller Kimmel has polished the stories so
that they are rich in plot, character, and tradition. Perfect for story­
im m e lm a n
, L
e s l i e
Hanukkah lights, Hanukkah nights.
Illus. by John
Himmelman. HarperCollins, 1992. 32 p. (3-5)
A pleasingly simple introduction to Hanukkah with bright, un­
complicated illustrations that feature candle counting. An illumi­
nated menorah in one margin glows brighter with added candles
as the week progresses. Historical and religious meanings are con­
tained in an afterword.
o l a t c h
, A
l fr ed
The Jewish child’s first book of why.
Illus. by Harry
Araten. Jonathan David, 1992. unp. (6-10)
The children’s version o f the acclaimed adult
Jewish book of why.
o r n b l u t h
, A
d i n a
i s c h e r
Illus. by Norman Nodel.
HaChai, 1992. 152 pb (10-14)
A collection o f stories that illustrate the need for Torah ideals
and moral courage in making everyday choices; peopled by lively
children, but with stilted language. Facile black and white sketches.
a n g o n e
, J
o h n
Spreading the poison: a book about racism and prejudice.
Kuttkem / Brown, 1993. 172 p. (12 up)
Discusses the history o f various racial and ethnic groups in the
United States (including a long chapter on the Jews): the biases
against them, how they arose, and the awful consequences o f