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The two escape together, enemies till the end. History brought
to life as an adventure story.
a z e r
, A
n n e
Moose Street.
Knopf, 1992. 120 p. (8-12)
Lena Rosen is a spunky little girl with many friends and one
enemy. Her main problem is that religiously, she is an outsider.
Shows the difficulty o f resisting the majority religion in an assim­
ilated family. Similar in theme to Barrie’s
Lone Star
o d e s i t t
, J
e a n n e
c o m p
Songs of Chanukah.
Illus. by Robin Spowart.
Musical arrangements by Uri Ophir. Little, Brown, 1992. 32 p.
(4 up)
A collection o f fourteen folk and contemporary songs in English
and Hebrew, arranged for two-handed piano, that touch on every
facet o f the holiday, including blessings for lighting the candles,
for playing
and for making potato pancakes. Spowart’s soft-
ended illustrations o f Jewish bunnies celebrating Hanukkah are
e r l o v e
, M
ir ia m
111. by the author. Albert Whitman, unp.
1992. (4-8)
While the rabbi in the synagogue reads the Purim story (depicted
in full-page illustrations) from the Scroll o f Esther, the costumed
children respond with stamping feet and ringing groggers each
time Haman’s name is mentioned. A simplified, light-hearted ver­
sion o f the Purim story.
a t t e r s o n
, G
eo f f r e y
Jonah and the whale.
Lothrop, 1992. 32 p. (4-8)
Wonderful illustrations and a pedestrian retelling o f the Jonah
o s e n
, M
ic h a e l
Elijah’s angel: a story for Chanukah and Christmas.
Illus. by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. Harcourt, 1992. 32 p.
Recalls an unusual friendship between a ten-year-old Jewish boy
and an elderly Afro-American barber who is a woodcarver. “A
book for all religions and races.”
o s e n b l u m
, R
ic h a r d
Journey to the golden land.
Jewish Publication So­
ciety, 1992. 32 p. (5-9)
Minutely detailed illustrations and simple text tell the story o f
the turn-of-the-century emigration to America o f Russian Jews.
Its strength is in the precise illustrations.
o s s e l
, S
e y m o u r
The Holocaust: the world and the Jews, 1933-1945.
Behrman, 1993. 191 p. Illus. Maps. Photos. (12 up)
A concise documentary o f the Holocaust. Straightforward, in­
formational format and effective use o f primary resources. Each
chapter covers one aspect — ghettos, death camps, Jewish resist­
ance, etc.