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o s e n f e l d
, D
i n a
Why the moon only glows.
b y
Yehudit Holtzman.
HaChai, 1992. unp. (4-8)
A dreamily-illustrated book about jealousy and the value o f be­
ing content — unlike the moon who wanted to shine brighter than
the sun and to dominate the sky.
u b y
, L
o i s
Miriam’s well.
Scholastic Hardcover. 1993. 263 p. (12 up)
About the access to medical rights vs. the right o f religious free­
dom and incidentally, interdating, with characters that are real
and involving. Jewish Adam, has befriended and fallen in love
with cancer-stricken classmate Miriam, a member o f a Christian
faith-healing sect, and is pitted against his father, a staunch de­
fender o f religious rights in the Constitution who is defending
the sect. Teens will love this one.
a s s o
, S
a n d y
i s e n b e r g
God’s paintbrush.
b y
Annette Compton.
Jewish Lights, 1992. 32 p. (5-9)
Sasso encourages children to imagine God through nature,
through thoughts and deeds, and through themselves. Childlike
speculations about God are followed by adult questions; in truth
— a child/adult dialogue.
c h a n z e r
My first Jewish word book.
Illus. by the author. Kar-Ben,
1992, large format 32 p. (2-5)
In this surprisingly comprehensive and
book, colorful
birds, bears, bunnies and lions introduce toddlers to words and
images in the Jewish home, community, Shabbat, the Jewish hol­
idays, the synagogue, and Israel. There is a glossary for parents.
♦ S
c h w a r t z
, H
o w a r d
a n d R
u s h
, B
a r b a r a
, r e t e l l e r s .
The Sabbath lion:
a Jewish folktale from Algeria.
I l l u s . b y S t e p h e n F i e s e r .
H a r p e r C o l l i n s ,
u n p .
Yosef, on his way through the desert to collect his family’s in­
heritance, is given special protection by the “Sabbath Queen .” Us­
ing a palette o f mauves, greens, and golds, Fieser has created dra­
matic illustrations. One can almost feel the heat o f the desert sun
and the cold o f its night.
e g a l
, S
h e il a
Joshua’s dream: a journey to the Land of Israel.
by Joel Iskowitz. UAHC, 1992. rev. ed. (7-9)
Joshua, inspired by a photo album and stories o f his great-aunt
Rivka, an ardent Zionist who made aliyah to
Eretz Israel
she helped make the desert bloom, dreams o f the day when he,
too, will visit Israel and plant a tree in the desert. A revised, more
handsome edition.
e n d e r
, R
u t h
in s k y
The Holocaust lady.
Macmillan, 1992. 192 p.
(12 up)
Ruth Sender describes her visits to classrooms where she talks
about the Holocaust, and tells why she wrote her Holocaust mem­