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scribes the tense relationship with the couple who hide her and
her mother, and their narrow escapes.
o p e k
, S
u s a n
A taste for Noah.
Illus. by Sally Springer. Kar-Ben,
1993. unp. (3-5)
Noah’s worrying all week about having to taste the haroset which
his class makes last, as part o f their seder preparation, was ground­
less, because after he tastes it, he likes it.
o p e k
, S
u s a n
A Turn for Noah.
Illus. by Sally Springer. Kar-Ben,
1992. unp. (3-5)
Finally, on the last day o f Hannukah (and the last day o f the nursery
school week), Noah spins the dreidel and gets to light the last
d a
Anna is still here.
Houghton Mifflin, 1993. 191 p. (10-14)
Anna is still traumatized by her wartime experiences as a hidden
child in the Netherlands, but her unlikely friendship with a strange
woman who waits patiently for her missing daughter proves ben­
eficial to both.
e i s s
, N
ic k i
The first night of Hanukkah.
Illus. by the author (All
Aboard Reading Series). Putnam/Grosset & Dunlap. 48 p. (4-8)
lib. bnd. and pb.
An easy reader with color illustrations about a little girl who
learns about Hanukkah on the lap o f her uncle.
il l ia m s
, M
a r c ia
Joseph and his magnificent coat of many colors.
by the author. Candlewick, 1992. 32 p. (5-7)
Delicately illustrated with doll-like characters and pages with
decorative borders in this version o f the Joseph story for very
young listeners and beginning readers.
o l f f
, F
e r i d a
The woodcutter’s coat.
Illus. by Anne Wilsdorf. Joy
Street/Little, Brown, 1992. 32 p. (4-8)
A witty story with marvelous illustrations about a stolen coat.
The coat is followed along its journey in simple sentences and
detail-packed illustrations, until it returns to its owner in a surprise
ending. An original story based on a Yiddish proverb.
a f f e
, R
o c h e l
Illus. by Norman Nodel. HaChai, 1992. 209
p. pa (11 up)
An absorb ing b iography o f Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon
e in e r t
, K
a r e n
The Warsaw Ghetto uprising.
Millbrook. 1993. 96 p.
(12 up)
A concise history that is packed with information — the roots
o f German anti-Semitism, the events that led to the formation o f
the ghetto and life inside it, including Jewish creativity, Nazi bru­
tality and the development o f resistance groups instrumental in
orchestrating the uprising. Chapter notes and bibl.