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T h e English reade r should be aware o f the jou rn a l
a jo in t ven ture between Christian and Jewish scholars. T he jo u r ­
nal regularly publishes articles on Bible (and o the r aspects o f
Judaica) translated from Hebrew originals.
Finally, we call attention to the late Samuel Loewenstamm’s
Comparative Studies in Biblical and Ancient Oriental Literatures
(Neukirchen, 1980). This collection contains most o f the articles
o f one o f Israel’s most distinguished scholars, many o f which
w e re o r ig in a l ly ava ilab le on ly in H eb rew o r G e rm a n .
Lowenstamm’s papers reveal a comparatist in philology, liter­
a tu re and conceptual material working with equal facility in an ­
cient Semitic, rabbinics and classical literature. T he sixty-page
index to this 538-page volume makes Lowenstamm’s con tribu­
tions readily accessible.
It is my pleasant duty to thank colleagues who responded graciously to requests
for information about their work and who generously supplied me with off­
prints. I especially wish to acknowledge the help provided by Professor Chaim
Cohen o f Ben-Gurion University and Professor Jacob Klein of Bar-Ilan Uni­
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