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Jewish Book Council
t h e J e w i s h B o o k C o u n c i l
staff and executive board spent a
challenging year expanding its target audience and improving
standards of programming. The JCC Association’s decision to
end funding for the Council came at the end of a lengthy agency
priorities study. Although disappointing at first, it became an
energizing catalyst and a window of opportunity to develop a
stronger sense of the Book Council’s identity. The board and
the steering committee creatively explored future options and
devoted many hours to these deliberations. At this time a final
decision about the Council’s future affiliation has not yet been
Jew ish Book Month was observed d u r in g November
20—December 20th, 1993. The 1992 Book Month poster, de­
signed by the late Charles Mikolaycak, illustrates the theme “Ex­
plore Your Jewish World — Read!” It is tied in with the 1992
Library of Congress literary theme and was used in the Council’s
joint reading competition with
magazine. The poster fea­
tures a wooden ship suggesting Columbus’s, but with books as
sails. It is surrounded by colorful symbols of Jewish life as it
floats over the waves of the sea. The poster is a glossy pho­
tograph of a diazo print made from an original pencil drawing
tinted with water colors, colored pencils, and acrylics.
The 1992 Jewish Book Month Kit includes two posters; 100
children’s bookmarks; 100 general bookmarks; and the follow­
ing publications;
American Jewish History: A Selected List fo r Teens;
Notable Books fo r Jewish Children,
A Selected List of Books fo r
a Jewish Book Fair