Page 328 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 51

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D o n o r A n o n y m o u s
The Jews: A Treasury o f Art and Literature
, edited by Sharon R.
Keller (Hugh, Lauter, Levin Associates/Macmillan)
The Jews: A Treasury of Art and Literature,
selections from
the Bible, medieval diarists, poets, exegetes and essayists, con­
temporary novelists, Israeli statesmen and Zionist ideologues,
attest to the phenomenal range of a literate tradition and the
literary heritage of the Jewish people. The documents, a smor­
gasbord of readings which whet the reader’s appetite, are ac­
companied by elegant reproductions of manuscript illumina­
tions, artifacts, paintings, woodcuts, coins, ceremonial objects
which illustrate the text and depict Jewish customs and rituals
in a richness of detail. While the pictures give life to the text,
they also stand alone as a remarkable visual resource. The book’s
graceful design, layout and print quality make this book a trea­
sure to hold as well as behold.