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Herbert Zafren’s article on the troubling events surrounding
the creation of the Judaica Conservancy Foundation provides a
valuable lesson for us today. At these times, when disunity seriously
threatens the flow ofJewish life, five major Jewish institutions, rep­
resenting the gamut of academe (Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion, Leo Baeck College, Leo Baeck Institute, Jew­
ish National and University Library, Jewish Theological Semi­
nary, and Yeshiva University), work together to preserve our
mutual patrimony.
Finally, I used my prerogative as Editor to select two articles
from the first anthology because of what I sensed of their intrinsic
worth and timeless quality: “The Jewish Love of Books,” by Cecil
Roth, and “The Fate of the Jewish Book During the Nazi Era,” by
Philip Friedman. Roth’s essay perhaps sounds quaint to today’s
tastes, but he had a passion and love which is unsurpassed. Fried­
man’s article may, in terms of data and facts, also be dated; but it is
a touchstone to which anyone studying the subject must return.
There were other articles which we were prepared to republish,
but new articles were received which were too good to defer a full
year. Hence it was decided to drop several reprints in favor of new­
er material. Judith Laiken Elkin discusses the impact of the double
quincentenary of 1492. Lawrence W. Raphael gives a personal
evaluation of contemporary American Jewish detective fiction as
well as a selective bibliography of this rapidly growing body of
work. Sharon Packer has written an appreciation of Harry
Friedenwald on the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of his
magisterial essays on Jews and medicine.
Finally, but appearing first in the volume, Stanley Nash has
written an appreciation of Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, long-time Editor of
Jew ish BookAnnual
, to whom we dedicate this volume. Dr. Ka-
bakofPs association with the Jewish Book Council and his involve­
ment in its activities now pass fifty years. He is a wonderful teacher
who has set high standards for us; he is a sage colleague willing to
share his knowledge and love of Jewish literature; he is a kind and
dear friend to one and all.