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I am grateful to our bibliographers for the painstaking care they
put to the task: Zachary M. Baker, Zvi Erenyi, Carolyn S. Hessel,
Marcia Posner, and Suzanne M. Stauffer. Special thanks to Rabbi
Theodore Wiener for preparing the list of literary anniversaries;
he has provided the
Jew ish Book Annual
with this feature annually
since Volume 17 (1959-1960). Special thanks, too, to Richard
White for invaluable technical assistance.
The work done by Dr. Joseph Lowin, Managing Editor, and
Carolyn S. Hessel, Executive Director of the Jewish Book Council,
has been invaluable, involving many hours of meticulous, consci­
entious attention to detail. They have not only my warmest thanks,
but also my deepest admiration.
Original Publication Dates o f Reprinted Articles
Cecil Roth —Volume 2, 1944-45
Rochelle Furstenberg —Volume 40, 1982-83
Joseph Lowin —Volume 45,1987-88
Herbert C. Zafren —Volume 47, 1989—90
Ephraim Kanarfogel—Volume 51, 1993-94
PhilipFriedman —Volume 15,1957—58
Ruth R. Wisse —Volume 36, 1978—79
DavidMirsky —Volume 37,1979-80
Marcia Posner —Volume 50,1992-93
Barry W. Holtz —Volume 45, 1987-88