Page 126 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 54

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any human event as an opportunity for exploitation without regard
for sensibility or morality are to be excoriated in accord with the
repugnance of their actions. Yet the success of such shoddy pan-
derers in capitalizing on their insensitivity may be made possible
by the attitudes, actions, and teaching of others, more sincere,
more thoughtful, more profound, and therefore, ultimately more
Many have tried to deny the Holocaust by re-writing history:
this has happened in Germany, it has happened in London, even in
Illinois. But it is not easy to re-write history. By vulgarizing it,
however, by cheapening it, perverting it, history can be reduced in
the eyes of society to insignificance, thus infinitely increasing the
dangers which ignorance can bring down on all. What I call the
“abuse” of the Holocaust—the negation, perversion, pornograph-
ication and trivialization of the Holocaust in literature—suggests
that this may be happening and commands our vigilance.