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aged their publication. In 1981 a second award was established, so
that there are now two, one for books written for children from 8-
12 and one to encourage the publishing of illustrated books for
younger children from 4-8. Over the years, the growing promi­
nence of the annual National Jewish Book Awards, established by
the Council, is bringing even more importance to the field ofJew­
ish book publishing. Such public relations activities as cooperative
advertising with publishers of the award-winners, the granting of
certificates to publishers of award-winning books, and the arrang­
ing of conferences in which publishers and other book profession­
als take part all contribute to the field. The Council also actively
participates with the Association of Jewish Libraries in providing
guidance to synagogue, school and center libraries and in accredit­
ing them.6This creates a larger market for Jewish children’s books.
The founding of the Association ofJewish Libraries in 1965 was
a positive development in the progress of Jewish children’s books.
In addition to its promotion of new school, synagogue and com­
munity center Judaica libraries and its subsequent guidance of
these libraries, it cooperates with the Jewish Book Council in ac­
crediting libraries according to three incremental standards: basic,
intermediate, and advanced. The Association also has its own book
awards program and a manuscript award. Through its Sydney Tay­
lor Book Awards, it presents up to four annual Jewish children’s
book awards: The Sydney Taylor Award for the Best Older Chil­
dren’s book, The Sydney Taylor Award for the Best Younger Chil­
dren’s Book, The Sydney Taylor Body-of-Work Award, and the
Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award.7
There is still a large, untapped market for Jewish children’s
books. We have a long way to go in apprising non-affiliated and
6 . Accreditation forms are available from the Association o f Jewish Librar­
ies, C/O Jewish Book Council, 15 East 26th St., New York, New York 10010.
7. A list o f children’s books that have won Association o f Jewish Libraries
awards is available from the Association of Jewish Libraries.