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Dr. Jacob Kabakoff
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Jew ish Book Annual
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- “B.N. Silkiner and His Circle: The Genesis of the New Hebrew Literature
in America,nJudaism, Winter 1990.
- “Hebrew in America,” in Jack Fischel and Sanford Pinsker, eds., Jewish
American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia, 1992.
- “The Use of Hebrew in Colonial America,” in Shalom Goldman, ed., Hebrew
and the Bible in America, 1993.
- “Some East European Letters on Emigration,” American Jewish Archives,
Spring/Summer 1993.
- “The View from the Old World: East European Jewish Perspectives,” in
Robert M. Seltzer and Norman Cohen, eds., The Americanization o f the Jew ,
Jacob Kabakoffas Editor, Researcher and Biographer
Jacob Kabakoff served as editor of the Jewish Book Annual for nineteen
years, a period of distinction for the journal and himself. His prodigious
scholarly output is detailed in the appended bibliography of his work,
which is a supplement to the bibliography in the
KabakoffJub ilee Volume
(Lod: Makhon Haberman, 1986). KabakofPs most significant achievement
is his biography of Naftali Hertz Imber, author of “Hatikvah” (Lod:
Makhon Haberman, 1991). This is the culmination of KabakofPs exhaus­
tive research and published studies in Hebrew, Yiddish and English.
The biography centers, in large measure, on the hitherto unknown and
unpublished letters of Imber to his patron Judge Mayer Sulzberger.