Page 162 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 54

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reader might want to look at the following: Arthur Green,
Seek my
Speak myName
(Jason Aronson); Jack Miles,
God: A Biography
(Knopf); Judith Plaskow,
StandingAgain at Sinai
(Harper Collins);
Ira Stone,
Seeking the Path to Life
(Jewish Lights); Harold Schul-
For Those Who Can’t Believe
(Harper Collins); Daniel Gordis,
Godwas not in the Fire
(Simon and Schuster); Vanessa Ochs,
on Fire
(Harcourt Brace); David Wolpe,
Healer ofShattered Hearts
(H. Holt); and my own
Finding Our Way: Jewish Textsand the Lives
We Lead Today
Finally, thinking about all the books we have gained in this past
decade leads us to recall as well what we have lost: Many of our
greatest thinkers, writers and teachers passed away during this pe­
riod. Six, among the many that could be listed, come immediately
to mind: Salo Baron, Gerson Cohen, H.L. Ginsberg, Yeshayahu
Leibowitz, Jacob Rader Marcus, and Jacob Petuchowski. In the
books we write and in the books we read, may we honor their