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Double Quincentenary
P U B L I C A T IO N S 4
Numerous books and articles viewing 1492 from a Jewish per­
spective were published either during the quincentennial year or in
anticipation of it. Some of these filled historical lacunae, while oth­
ers poured old wine into new botdes. The Jewish Publication So­
ciety published new editions of over two dozen classical works,
comprising a library of Sephardic studies that includes works by
Maimonides, Cecil Roth, Norman Stillman, and medieval
Sephardic poets. Meyer Kayserling’s surprisingly still-relevant
Christopher Columbus and the Participation of the Jews in the Spanish
and Portuguese Discoveries,
first published in Budapest in 1893, was
reprinted by a proprietary press.5The same house published David
Raphael, ed.,
The Expulsion 1492 Chronicles: An Anthology ofMedi­
eval Chronicles relating to theExpulsion oftheJewsfrom Spain andPor­
which makes all of these texts available in one place in
English for the first time.
Elegant (and expensive) facsimiles of ancient texts were repro­
duced, with translation and commentary, in the valuable Sephardic
Library edited by Moshe Lazar.6Volumes include
The Ladino Fer­
4. As director of a quincentenary project funded by the National Endow­
ment for the Humanities and based at the University of Michigan, I was well-
positioned to accumulate the information for this survey. The major sources of
information on public events of Jewish interest were brochures distributed by
conference organizers, the network of contacts developed through the Quincen­
tenary Initiative of NEH, and
Sephardic ElectronicArchive,
an electronic listserver
developed by Yitzhak Kerem and edited from Jerusalem. During the years sur­
rounding 1992, several ephemeral publications sprang up to chronicle quincente­
nary activity; few specifically noted Jewish events. The major publications
surveyed include:
Organization o f American States,
Quinto Centenario delDescubrimiento deAmer­
ica: Encuentro deDosMundos.
OAS Office for the Quincentennial Commem­
oration, General Secretariat, Washington DC 20006. (No. 1 = 1 August 85
- No. 43/44 January-February 93.)
University o f New Mexico,
Albuquerque: UNM Latin American
Spain ’92 Foundation,
Encounters: A Quincentenary Review.
Selected issues o f journals published Mexico, Spain, Italy and Argentina
5. North Hollywood, Ca: Carmi House Press, 1992.
6 . Culver City, Ca: Labyrinthos Press, 1989-92.