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rara Bible o f1553
The Book ofthe Kuzari ofYehudah Halevi
Libro de
las generaciones, The Book ofYashar, Maimonides'sGuidefor the Per­
, and
The Ladino Pentateuch.
saw the publication of two extremely useful collections of
essays by scholars acknowledged to be masters in their respective
fields. Elie Kedourie edited
Spain and theJews: The Sephardi Expe­
rience 1492 andAfter,1
containing essays by Angus Mackay on “The
Jews in Spain during the Middle Ages,” Eleazar Gutwirth on “To­
wards Expulsion: 1391
Henry Kamen on “The Expulsion:
Purpose and Consequence,” Haim Beinart, “The Conversos and
their Fate,”Moshe Idel on “Religion, Thought and Attitudes: the
Impact of the Expulsion on the Jews,”John Lynch on “Spain after
the Expulsion,” Aron Rodrigue on “The Sephardim in the Otto­
man Empire,”Jonathan Israel on “The Sephardim in the Nether­
lands,” and Aubrey Newman on “The Sephardim in England.”
More on point for our subject is
Sephardim in theAmericas: Stud­
ies in Culture andHistory.
Appearing first as the Summer 1992
American Jewish Archives
, the book was published in hardback
the following year.8 Edited by Martin A. Cohen and Abraham J.
Peck, the collection includes essays by Cohen, “The Sephardic
Phenomenon: A Reappraisal; Rochelle Weinstein, “Stones of
Memory: Revelations from a Cemetery in Curasao;” Malcolm H.
Stern, “Portuguese Sephardim in the Americas;” Emma Fidanque
Levy, “The Fidanques: Symbols of the Continuity of the Sephardic
Tradition in America;”Allan Metz, “‘Those of the Hebrew Nation
. . . ’ The Sephardic Experience in Colonial Latin America;”Victor
C. Mirelman, “Sephardim in Latin America after Independence;”
Joseph M. Papo, “The Sephardim in North America in the Twen­
tieth Century;” Denah Lida, “Language of the Sephardim in Ang-
lo-America;” Israel J. Katz, “The Sacred and Secular Musical
Traditions of the Sephardic Jews in the United States;” Samuel G.
7. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd., 1992
8 . Tuscaloosa and London: University of Alabama Press and the American
Jewish Archives, 1993. An earlier book with a similar tide,
Sephardim in Twentieth
Century America
, by Joseph Papo, refers to the emigration o f eastern Sephardim
to the United States, and is not relevant to the present topic.