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The Strange Nation of Rafael Mendes.
13 Dozens of other novelists
were inspired to retell the story of the expulsion in sanguinary de­
tail while adding little to the historical record. Several children’s
books of varying quality were published 14and a start was made to­
ward filling the gap in instructional materials, most notably by the
Ben Zvi Institute ofJerusalem.15
Most journals with a Jewish readership published special issues
commemorating the quincentenary, among which the outstanding
contribution was the above-mentioned Summer 1992 issue of
AmericanJewishArchives. Sefardica,
the journal of the Centro de In­
vestigation y Difusion de la Cultura Sefaradf of Buenos Aires, pub­
lished a special issue on “Criptojudaismo en America Colonial” in
September 1993. Special quincentenary issues were published by
journals as varied as the
MeltonJournal, Raices
Numerous cookbooks with recipes from Greek,
Turkish, and other Sephardi kitchens were published; Sephardic
cookery was quickly taken up by restaurants and the popular press
as a whole new cuisine was discovered.17
Publishing on the subject of New World Jewry continued at the
accelerating pace that has characterized the last decade. Several ti­
tles appear to have been stimulated by the proximity of the quin­
13. Moacyr Scliar,
The Strange Nation of Rafael Mendes,
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14. See, for example, Barbara Brenner,
I f You Were There in 1492.
York: Bradbury Press, 1991. Norman H. Finkelstein,
The Other 1492: Jewish Set­
tlement in the New World.
New York: William Morrow, 1992.
Exile 1492: The Expulsion oftheJewsfrom Spain
is a kit containing educa­
tional materials suitable for grades 9 -1 2 and including textbooks, teacher guides,
maps for overhead projection, slides, and audiotapes. The Los Angeles Bureau of
Jewish Education compiled a useful selected bibliography for the period and
CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement o f Jewish Education) compiled classroom
materials, also in xerox. The JCC Association issued a useful Sephardic Program
Resource Guide, containing references to books, conferences, exhibits, films and
video, food, lecturers, music and musicians, performing artists, teaching materi­
als, and travel tours.
Melton Journal
(Columbus, Oh, Autumn 1992),
(Buenos Aires,
Summer 1993)
(Jerusalem, July 1992), September 1993,
Hadassah Maga­
(January 1992).