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Double Quincentenary
Christians in Trans-Atlantic Trade,” “Inquisition in the New
World,” and “Legacies of the Encounter.”
The Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives at the University of Ar­
izona, under the direction ofAbraham Chanin, organized a confer­
ence on “The Inquisition in the New World and the Emergence
of Hidden Jews of the Southwest,” in January 1991, which effec­
tively brought together Jewish and Christian perspectives on these
events. “Expulsion 1492,” organized by David Raphael for the
Sephardic Education Center of Los Angeles in November 1991,
attracted a superb faculty to focus on events in Spain and the im­
pact on Islam. Over the course of two days, just one paper dealt
with the legacy of the Inquisition in the New World. “Crypto-Jews
of the American Southwest,” organized at the initiative of Stanley
Hordes, met in Buena Park, California, in September 1992. A se­
ries of colloquia took place in Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, and Miami
in March, August and November of 1992 under the collective title
“Coloquio de Escritores Judios en Lengua Hispana y Portugue-
sa..” Organized by the Asociacion Internacional de Escritores
Judios en Lengua Hispana y Portuguesa, these colloquia brought
together creative writers working in Spanish and Portuguese but
dispersed in many countries. Some of the presentations addressed
issues relating to conversos in the New World.22
“America ’92: Raizes e trajectorias,” sponsored by the Universi­
ty of Sao Paulo with the support of UNESCO, included Judaica as
one of its five major segments. These sessions, organized by Anita
Novinsky and held alternately in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, at­
tracted international participation.
“Sefarad ’92: Cinco siglos de presencia judfa en America” was
organized jointly by several Argentine Jewish groups, and included
presentations onJewish double identity, the myth of Sephardic an­
cestry in Latin America, crypto-Judaism in Brazil, Antonio Vieira’s
defense of Indians and Jews, the role of memory in preserving Jew­
The papers were published in the December 1992 issue o f the Jerusa­
lem literary review
under the joint editorship o f Leonardo Senkman, Jose
Luis Najenson, and Florinda Goldberg.