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After the Encounter: A Continuing Process
San Antonio, Texas
Jews and Judeoconverts o f Spain: The Expulsion
Brooklyn College
o f 1492 and its Consequences
The Trial of Diego Lopez por Judaizante
Texas Humanities
Res. Center
The Crypto-Jewish Experience on the Northern
New Mexico
Frontier o f New Mexico
America ’92: raizes e trajetorias
Sao Paulo
The Expulsion 1492 Conference
Los Angeles
Cultural Encounters: The Impact o f the
Los Angeles
Inquisition in Spain and the New World
San Francisco Sepharad ’92
San Francisco
Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic
Jewish Theol. Seminary
World, 13 9 1 -1648
Heritage o f Turkish Jewry
The Sephardic Odyssey: 1492-1992 ;
Emory University
From Spain to Georgia
Remembering 500 years: Survival & Continuity
Washington, DC
Semana Sepharad
Yeshiva University
In Iberia and Beyond:
University o f Maryland
Hispanic Jews between Two Cultures
Encuentro Internacional de Musica Sefaradf
Second International Interdisciplinary conference CUNY - Binghamton
on Sephardic Studies
Our Immortal Sephardic Heritage on the
New Orleans
Quincentenary of the Expulsion o f 1492
Jews and the Encounter with the New World V University o f Michigan
Legacies o f the Encounter