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A r b e l , B e n j a m i n .
Trading Nations: Jews and Venetians in the Early-
Modern Eastern Mediterranean.
New York: Brill, 1995. 237 p. (Brill’s
Series in Jewish Studies, vol. 14) Bibliog., index.
A v a l o s , H e c t o r .
Illness and Health Care in the Ancient Near East: the
Role of the Temple in Greece, Mesopotamia, and Israel.
Atlanta: Scholars
Press, 1995. 463 p. (Harvard Semitic Museum Publications)(Harvard
Semitic Monographs, no. 54) Bibliog., index.
C h a z a n , R o b e r t .
In the Year 1096: the First Crusade and the Jews.
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Crisis &Reaction: theHero inJewish History.
Ed. by Menachem Mor. Oma­
ha, NE.: Center for the Study of Religion and Society ; Creighton
Univ. Press, 1995. 306 p. (Studies in Jewish Civilization, 6) Bibliog.
Proceedings of the 6th Annual Symposium o f the Philip M. and Ethel
Klutznick Chair o f Jewish Civilization.
D a v i e s , P h i l i p R.
SectsandScrolls: Essayson Qumran andRelated Topics.
Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1996. 187 p. (South Florida Studies in the His­
tory of Judaism, no. 130)
D w o r k , D e b o r a h
R o b e r t J a n v a n P e l t .
Auschwitz: 1270
to the Present.
New York: Norton, 1996. 443 p. Bibliog., index.
E i s e n b e r g , E l l e n .
Jewish Agricultural Colonies in New Jersey
1st ed. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Univ. Press, 1995. 218 p. (Uto­
pianism and Communitarianism) Bibliog., index.
First ModemJews: theJews ofShklov.
York: New York Univ. Press, 1995. 195 p. (Reappraisals in Jewish So­
cial and Intellectual History) Bibliog., index.
G o d f r e y , S h e l d o n J .
J u d i t h
C .
G o d f r e y
. Search out the
Land: the Jews and the Growth of Equality in British Colonial America
Buffalo, NY: McGill-Queen’s Univ. Press, 1995. 396 p.
(McGill-Queen’s Studies in Ethnic History, 23) Bibliog., index.
G o w ,
A n d r e w C o l i n .
The RedJews: Antisemitism in an Apocalyptic
Age, 1200-1600.
New York: Brill, 1995. 420 p. (Studies in Medieval
and Reformation Thought, vol. 55) Bibliog., index.
G r a b b e , L e s t e r
Sages: a Socio-Historical
Study ofReligious Specialists in Ancient Israel.
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Press Intl., 1995. 261 p. Bibliog., indexes.
G r e e n e , M e l i s s a
The Temple Bombing.
Reading, MA: Addison-
Wesley, 1996. 502 p. Bibliog., index.
G r o s s , A b r a h a m .
Iberian Jewry from Twilight to Dawn: the World of
Rabbi Abraham Saba.
New York: Brill, 1995. 201 p. (Brill’s Series in
Jewish Studies, vol. 10) Bibliog., index.