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American-Jewish Non-Fiction
Growing upJewish in America: an Oral History.
Compiled by Myrna Katz
Frommer & Harvey Frommer. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co.,
1995. 264 p. Bibliog., index.
H o m o l k a , W a l t e r .
Jewish Identity in Modem Times: Leo Baeck and
German Protestantism.
With a foreword by Albert H. Friedlander and
an epilogue by Esther Seidel. Providence, RI: Berghahn Books, 1995.
143 p. (European Judaism, vol. 2) Bibliog., index.
H o o b l e r , D o r o t h y
T h o m a s H o o b l e r .
TheJewish Ameri­
New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1995. 127 p. (Amer­
ican Family Albums) Bibliog., index.
In Memory’s Kitchen: a Legacy from the Women ofTerezin.
Ed. by Cara
DeSilva; tr. by Biana Steiner Brown and David Stern; foreword by
Michael Berenbaum. Northvale, NJ: Aronson, 1996. 110 p. Bibliog.
TheJew in theAmerican World: a Source Book.
Ed. byJacob R. Marcus. De­
troit: Wayne State Univ. Press, 1996. 663 p. Bibliog., index.
A documentary history o fJews andJewish life in America from 1585 to 1991.
TheJews ofBoston: Essays on the Occasion ofthe Centenary (1895-1995) ofthe
CombinedJewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston.
Ed. by Jonathan D.
Sarna & Ellen Smith. Boston: The Philanthropies, 1995. 353 p. Bib­
liog., index.
TheJewish East Side
Ed. by Milton Hindus; with a new intro,
by the editor. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Pub., 1996. 301 p.
(The Library of Conservative Thought) Bibliog.
Previously published:
The Old East Side.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication
Society o f America, 1969.
a a t o
T i m o
Paul andJudaism: an AnthropologicalApproach.
Tr. by T.
McElwain. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1995.285 p. (South Florida Studies
in the History o f Judaism, no. 115) Bibliog., index.
Translation of:
Paulus und dasJudentum.
L a v e n d e r , A b r a h a m
D. and
C l a r e n c e
S t e i n b e r g .
Farmers of the Catskills: a Century ofSurvival.
Gainesville: Univ. Press
o f Florida, 1995. 271 p. Bibliog., index.
L e v i n , D o v .
The Lesser ofTwo Evils: Eastern EuropeanJewry under So­
viet Rule, 1939-1941.
Tr. by Naftali Greenwood; with a foreword by
Mordechai Altshuler. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1995.
346 p. Bibliog., index.
L e v i n , M e i r .
Novarodok: a Movement That Lived in Struggle and Its
UniqueApproach to the Problem ofMan.
Northvale, NJ: Aronson, 1996.
189 p. Bibliog.
L e v i t a n , T i n a .
First Facts in AmericanJewish History:from 1492 to the
Northvale, NJ: Aronson, 1996. 398 p. Bibliog., index.