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D w o r t z , H a z e l
Ida and Tom.
New York: Shengold, 1995.
F e i n g o l d , H e n r y L.
Bearing Witness: How America and Its Jews Re­
sponded to the Holocaust.
1st ed. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Univ. Press,
1995. 322 p. Bibliog., index.
F i s c h e r , K l a u s
Nazi Germany: a NewHistory.
New York: Contin­
uum, 1995. 734 p. Bibliog., index.
F r i e d l a n d e r , H e n r y .
The Origins ofNazi Genocide:from Euthanasia
to the Final Solution.
Chapel Hill: Univ. of North Carolina Press, 1995.
421 p. Bibliog., index.
G a n o r , S o l l y .
Light One Candle: a Survivor’s Talefrom Lithuania to
New York: Kodansha Intl., 1995. 353 p.
G a r r a r d , J o h n
C a r o l G a r r a r d .
The Bones ofBerdichev: the
Life and Fate of Vasily Grossman.
New York: Free Press, 1996. 437 p.
Bibliog., index.
G e l i s s e n , R e n a K o r n r e i c h
H e a t h e r D u n e M a c a d ­
Rena’s Promise: a Story ofSisters in Auschwitz.
Boston: Beacon Press,
1995.275 p. Bibliog.
G o l d h a g e n , D a n i e l .
Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans
and theHolocaust.
New York: Knopf, 1996.1st ed. 619 p. Bibliog., index.
The subject of an international symposium held at the Holocaust Memorial
Museum in Washington, DC in April, 1996.
G r u n b a u m , I r e n e .
Escape Through the Balkans: the Autobiography of
Irene Grunbaum.
Tr. and ed. with an intro, by Katherine Morris. Lin­
coln, NE: Univ. o f Nebraska, 1996. 191 p.
H a s s , A a r o n .
The Aftermath: Living with the Holocaust.
New York:
Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995. 213 p. Bibliog., index.
H e r z o g , H e n r y A r m i n .
And Heaven Shed no Tears.
New York:
Shengold, 1995. 334 p.
HistoricalAtlas ofthe Holocaust.
United States Holocaust Memorial Muse­
um. New York: MacMillan, 1995. 252 p. Bibliog., index.
H o r n , J o s e p h .
Mark It With a Stone.
New York: Barricade Books,
1996. 223 p.
“A moving account o f a young boy’s struggle to survive the Nazi death
K o l i t z , Z v i .
Yossel Rakover Speaks to God: Holocaust Challenges to Reli­
gious Faith.
Hoboken, NJ: Ktav, 1995. 110 p.
K o r n ,
r am
Abe’s Story: a HolocaustMemoir.
Ed. byJoseph W . Korn; an­
notated by Richard Voyles. Adanta: Longstreet Press, 1995. 196 p. Bibliog.
LANGER, L a w r e n c e L.
Admitting the Holocaust: CollectedEssays.
York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1995. 202 p. Bibliog., index.