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R u b e n s t e i n , J e f f r e y L.
The History of Sukkot in the Second Temple
and Rabbinic Periods.
Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1995. 361 p. (Brown Ju­
daic Studies, no. 302) Bibliog., index.
S a t l o w , M i c h a e l L.
Tasting the Dish: Rabbinic Rhetorics ofSexuality.
Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1995. 370 p. (Brown Judaic Studies, no. 303)
Tractate Rosh Hashanah.
Tr. and explained by Alan J. Avery-Peck. Atlanta:
Scholars Press, 1995. 480 p. (The Talmud of Babylonia, 9) (Brown Ju­
daic Studies, no. 306) Bibliog., indexes.
Women in Chains: a Sourcebook on the Agunah.
Ed. by Jack Nusan Porter.
Northvale, NJ: Aronson, 1995. 265 p. Bibliog., index.
Dictionary ofJudaism in the Biblical Period: 450 B.C.E. to 600 C.E.
Neusner, editor in chief; William Scott Green, editor. New York:
Macmillan Library Reference, 1996. 2 vols.
A Dictionary of the Jewish-Christian Dialogue.
Ed. by Leon Klenicki and
Geoffrey Wigoder. Expanded ed. New York: Paulist Press, 1995. 240 p.
Encyclopedia of Hasidism.
Ed. by Tzvi M. Rabinowicz. Northvale, NJ:
Aronson, 1996. 583 p. Bibliog., index.
A noteworthy addition and complement to the
An Historical Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
Bernard Reich, edi-
tor-in-chief. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1995. 637 p. Bibliog., index.
J a c o b s , L o u i s .
The Jerwish Religion: a Companion.
New York: Oxford
Univ. Press, 1995. 641 p. Bibliog.
Jewish Mysticism: an Anthology.
Ed. by Dan Cohn-Sherbok. Rockport,
MA: Oneworld, 1995. 210 p. Bibliog.
Arranged chronologically, this work is recommend for larger public libraries.
K a g a n o f f , B e n z i o n
A Dictionary ofJewish Names and Their His­
Northvale, NJ: Aronson, 1996. 250 p. Bibliog., indexes.
K a g a n o f f , N a t h a n M.
Judaica Americana: an Annotated Bibliography
ofPublicationsfrom 1960-1990.
Pref. by Jonathan D. Sarna. Brooklyn:
Carlson Pub., 1995. 2 vols. Indexes.
M a s n i k , A n n
TheJewish Woman: an Annotated Selected Bibliography,
1986-1993: with 1994-1995 Recent Titles List.
Intro, by Marcia Cohn
Spiegel; ed. byDoris B. Gold. New York: Biblio Press, 1996.171 p. Indexes.
Supplement to: Cantor, Aviva.
The Jewish Woman, 1900-1985.
M o z e s o n , I s a a c .
The Word: the Dictionary that Reveals the Hebrew
Source ofEnglish.
1st ed. Northvale, NJ: Aronson, 1995. 209 p. Bibliog.,