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thodox couple, Rina Lazarus and police lieutenant Peter Decker. This time it
is about a world famous physician, Dr. Azor Moses Sparks, who is found shot
in an alley in Los Angeles. The dynamics of his large and fractious family lead
to examination by the likable Lt. Drucker.
e m e l m a n
, H
a r r y
The Day the Rabbi Left Town.
New York: Fawc-
ett/Ballantine, 1995.
The final Rabbi Small book (Kemelman died in 1996) has the Rabbi retired
from the pulpit and teachingJudaic Studies at a small college in Boston. When
an English professor disappears and is found dead Rabbi Small doesn’t believe
it was a heart attack. As usual, the rabbi is right!
l e i n
, E
l i a h u
Meetings With Remarkable Souls: Legends of the Baal
Shem Tov.
Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson Co., 1995. 259p.
A volume of stories which, with one exception “The Drunk of Moscow”,
have never before been available in English. All of the stories were selected as
examples of how the Baal Shem worked and interacted with individuals who
came to him or with those he met on his mysterious journeys.
o r e n
, Y
e s h a y a h u
Funeral A t Noon.
South Royalton, VT: Steer-
forth Press, 1996. 254p.
Set in a small Israeli village this is the story of an unusual friendship between
a young Israeli housewife, Hagar, and a ten-year-old boy for whom she cares.
What befalls them and their respective families because of Hagar’s impulsive
actions are the major focus of the story.
r a m e r
, A
a r o n
A ll My Yesterdays Were Steps: The Selected Poems
ofDora Teitelboim.
Hoboken, NJ: KTAVPubl. House, 1995. 215p.
The bilingual edition of the Polish born poet who after emigrating to the
US became active in the Jewish labor movement and in progressive Jewish cul­
tural organizations.
r i c h
, R
o c h e l l e
a j e r
Speak No Evil.
New York: Mysterious
Press/Warner Books, 1996. 416p.
Two Los Angeles women attorneys are found dead and the criminal defense
attorney, Debra Laslow, daughter of an Orthodox rabbi, is a prime suspect but
may also be the next victim. Another suspect is a member of the tight-knit Or­
thodox community. Debra’s instincts tell her the killer is someone else close
and deadly.
a n d e s m a n
, P
e t e r
The Raven.
Dallas, TX: Bakersville Publishers,
1995. 356p.
On July 29, 1941, the pleasure boat,
The Raven
, set off from near the coast
of Boston with thirty-six members of a small community embarked on a picnic.
The bodies of the women on board and the captain later washed ashore; the
other passengers disappeared. The novel follows the unsolved mystery over the
course of decades.