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R o t h , P h i l i p .
Sabbath’s Theater.
Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin,
1995. 451p.
A 64-year-old ex-puppeteer has lived in a New England village teaching
drama at a local college. Events take a turn and Sabbath eventually goes to New
York to arrange for his own death. Through flashback and fantasy in a narrative
that moves he retells his life story.
S c h r a m , P e n i n n a h .
Chosen Tales.
Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson
Co., 1995.
S e b a l d ,
W. G.
New York: New Directions, 1996. 256p.
Part fiction, part historical fact, the book is composed o f four narratives
which follow the footsteps of several Jewish emigrants in England, Austria and
America. Together they tell a story of exile and loss.
S lROW lTZ ,
H a l .
Mother Said.
New York: Crown Publishers, 1996. 128p.
A collection o f more than 100 poems, most taking less than a page, that fo­
cus on the mother-son relationship and the Jewish home.
LEGMAN, A n n .
Return to the Sender.
Kansas City, MO: Helicon Nine
Editions, 1995. 23lp.
The mishaps of a mixed-up part Jewish family as it travels through different
American locales and eras, as its members seek to find their places and identi­
ties in the world.
S t a v a n s , I l a n .
Tropical Synagogues: Short Stories byJerwish-Latin Amer­
ican Writers.
New York: Holmes and Meier, 1995.
The stories are a vivid testament to Jewish Diaspora existence south of the
Rio Grande, a complex portrait in which anti-Semitism and the openness of a
vast exotic new land have played a crucial role.
T a y l o r , B e n j a m i n .
Tales Out of School.
New York: Turde Point
Press, 1995. 283p.
This first novel is set on Galveston Island in 1907, and focuses on Feliz Me-
hmel, youngest in a well-to-do but troubled Jewish family.
Y e h o s h u a ,
Open Heart.
New York: Doubleday, 1996. 498p.
A novel which blends the themes of medicine, madness, destructive love and
Indian mysticism. A young Israeli doctor at a Tel Aviv hospital flies to India to
attend the daughter of the hospital administrator. He wonders “why me?” This
is a meditation on love and a commentary on mysticism.
Z l SK l N ,
H a r r i e t .
Adventures ofMona Pinsky,
New York: Calyx Books,
1995. 145p.
Meet Mona, a 64 year-old restaurant owner, in a coming of age story in
which she finally overcomes a lifetime of passivity and learns to assert herself
and overcome the “isms” holding her back; Anti-Semitism, Sexism and Ageism.