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Marcia W.
Jewish Juvenile Books*
A b l e , D e b o r a h .
Hate Groups.
Springfield, NJ: Enslow, 1995. 104 p.
Antisemitic violence, gay-bashing, KKX and skinhead-led attacks are treat­
ed in this book. Traces the hate crime in American history, looks at the psy­
chology behind it and treats the delicate balance of First Amendment rights
and “freedom to hate.”Acessible format. Includes organizations for further in­
formation, source notes, bibliography, index.
* A d l e r ,
D a v i d
One Yellow Daffodil: A Hanukkah Story,
illus. Lloyd
Bloom. NY:
Harcourt ,
Morris Kaplan, a Holocaust survivor, whose life is empty save for the two
children who buy flowers from him each Friday for Shabbat, is invited to their
home for the second night of Hanukkah, causing him to remember his own
childhood celebration of the holiday and his days in the camp when a yellow
daffodil enabled him to hope.
A l t m a n , L i n d a J a c o b s .
Life on an Israeli Kibbutz (The Way People
Live Series),
illus. photos. Lucent ,
1996. 94
A well-researched summary of the history and development of the kibbutz
from its inception to the present time. Interesting insights on how the kibbutz
movement has affected the psyche and behavior o f Israeli youth, how their
goals have changed from the Founders’ socialistic idealism and zionistic phi­
losophy. Includes anecdotes about Jewish and Arab relations through this pe­
riod. A worthwhile read.
* B o a s , J a c o b .
We Are Witnesses: The Diaries ofFive Teenagers Who Died
in the Holocaust,
illus. photos .
Hol t ,
1995. 196
Boas, a Holocaust survivor, incorporates his own commentary using ex­
cerpts from each diary to personalize history and to compare individual expe­
riences. He remarks that Anne Frank’s experience of hiding with her family in
relative comfort and cared for by loving gentiles was atypical. Although only
some o f the diaries end in mid-sentence, interrupted by the ultimate horror, all
of the diaries exhibit a strain o f idealism throughout. Index and notes.
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