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u r s t e i n
, C
h a y a
M .
Our Land of Israel,
illus. photos, maps charts.
NY: UAHC, 1995. 152 p. textbook (8-12)
Describes the history and geography of Israel and its people. Includes
school, religion, holidays, city and country life, Jerusalem and other cities in Is­
rael, the Arabs in Israel, Army life, emotional and political connections be­
tween America, American Jews and Israel. “Workpage” at the end of each
chapter. Useful for home and school use.
o h e n
, B
a r b a r a
David: A Biography,
illus. David Frampton. NY:
Clarion, 1995. 128 p. (10-14)
Cohen narrates the life of David, King of Israel, as found in I and II Samuel,
skillfully blending in elements of psychology, history, culture and economics
deepening the portrait by connecting it to both David’s time and ours. List of
* C
o h n
, J
a n i c e
The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate,
lus. Janice Cohn. MN: Albert Whitman, 1995. 40 p. (8-10)
After a rock is thrown through aJewish boy’s window where his menorah is
displayed, the whole town pulls together; everyone displays drawings of meno­
rahs on their homes, and bias is beaten. Based on a true incident in Billings,
o n e
, M
o l l y
Listen to the Trees,
illus. Roy Doty. NY: UAHC, 1995.
84 p. (8-12)
Quotations, sayings and stories from the Torah, that connect Judaism to re­
sponsibility for caring for the earth and animals. Illustrated with photos and
e s c h a m p s
, H
e l e n e
Ho l t ,
1995. 302 p. (12 up)
A true story of a beautiful, brave 17-year-old working as a secret agent for
the French Resistance during World War II.
e d e r
, H
a r r i e t
Mystery of the Kaifeng Scroll: A Vivi Hartman Ad­
Minneapolis, MN: Lerner, 1995. 142 p. (10-14)
Vivi Hartman has set out to visit her professor mother in Turkey, where she
is researching the authenticity of an ancient Torah scroll, but her mother has
been kidnapped. As Vivi and her mother’s student, an Arab girl, work together
to find her mother, they learn to appreciate and respect one another’s beliefs.
e d e r
, P
a u l a
u r z b a n d
The Featherbed Journey,
illus. Stacy
Schuett. Morton Grove, 111: Albert Whitman, 1995. unp. (7-10)
As she rescues the insides of a torn feather pillow, Grandma describes how
her grandmother made the featherbed, the Nazi persecution of the Jews—the
ghetto experience and being forced to hide in the woods. A perfect story for
introducing the topic to youngsters.
i s h e r
, L
e o n a r d
v e r e t t t
illus. Leonard Everett Fisher.
NY: Holiday, 1995. 32 p. (4-10)