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Jewish Juvenile Books
stress and leads her to safety. The story, the characters and the writing are ex­
cellent, but the angel is not quite believable.
H e y m s f e l d , C a r l a .
The Matzah Ball Fairy,
illus. Vlad Guzner. NY:
UAHC, 1996. unp. (5-10 )
In answer to Frieda Pinsky’s wish for light and fluffy matzoh balls who
should appear but a matzoh ball fairy offering an envelope of magic. “Just add
a pinch” she warns, but Frieda overdoes it and the only thing that brings her
seder guests down to earth are slices of Frieda’s heavy kugel. A fun addition to
Passover lore. A brief mention of the story of Passover appears on the last page.
The cleverly droll illustrations are typical of Russian art—the “matrouchka”
doll faces, the play of pattern on pattern and the frequently slanted perspectives
add to the book’s appeal.
* H o o b l e r , D o r o t h y andTHOMAS .
TheJewish American Family Al­
illus. photos
repros. NY: Oxford U. Pr., 1995. 127 p. (11-15)
A handsome book in three chronological sections divided into six chapters.
Prefacing the personal narratives and archival photographs of each period is its
history and sociology. The book stresses family, roots, heritage and Jewish
contributions to America. Includes many famous Jewish Americans and won­
derful photos from Jewish history from the 19th and 20th century, including
immigration and the Holocaust and Israel. Earlier history is covered as well. A
first purchase and fine gift book .
T p p i s c h , H a n n e k e .
Sky: A True Story ofResistance During World War
illus. map, photos reprods. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1996. 146 p. (12-
In Holland in 1943, teenage Hanneke, daughter of a Dutch Protestant min­
ister, served in her courntry’s Resistance Movement, helping to hide Jewish
children, Jews and other political foes of the Nazis, and organizing meetings of
their Resistance group. Finally captured, she devoted her energies to staying
alive and resisted demands to provide information. The power of the book is
the starkness of the facts she presents and the many pictures and copies of doc­
uments that are interspersed in the text.
K a r a s , P h y l l i s .
The Hate Crime.
NY: Avon-Flare, 1995. 183 p.
To Zack’s dismay, he find out that a team-mate on his lacrosse team who
gets good marks in school and has respectable parents and even more—aJew­
ish girlfriend—is the culprit who placed antisemitic graffiti on the local Jewish
Temple. Use with Kathry Lasky’s
The Wave,
and Romm’s
Swastika on the Synagogue Door.
* K im m e l , E r i c A .,
The Adventures ofHershel of Ostropol.
NY :
Holiday, 1995. unp. (10 up)
A superb, authentic collection of Hershel of Ostropol tales. Includes:
Goose'sFoot, What Hershel's Father Did, Moneyfrom a Table, The Candlesticks, Po­