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Jewish Juvenile Books
Books, 1995. 136 p. (12+; YA)
A compilation of excerpts from seminal writings from and about the Holo­
caust. Includes personal narrative, essay, poetry and a comic strip. Contribu­
tors are: Elie Wiesel, Ida Vos, Erika Mumford, Hans P. Richter, Isabella
Leitner, Art Spiegelman, Primo Levi, Cynthia Ozick, Claude Lanzmann, Carl
Friedman, Ida Fink, Frank O ’Connor, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Anna Deavere
Smith, and Delbert D. Cooper.
R o s e ,
D e b o r a h
L e e .
The Rose Horse,
illus. Shed, Greg. NY: Har­
court, 1995. 51 p. (7-10)
When Lily goes to Coney Island in 1909 to visit her newborn sister she finds
out that the babies are used as a part-time side show to help support the first
hospital for premature infants. She also learns about the art and traditions of the
Jewish wood-carvers who make the carousel animals there and captures the art
and Jewish heritage, the color and verve of Coney Island in the early 20th cen­
tury and features an
calendar to count the weeks from Passover to Shavuos.
R o s e n f e l d , D i n a .
Dovid, The Little Shepherd,
illus. Illene Winn-Le-
derer. Brooklyn, NY: Hachai Publishing, 1996. unp. (3-6) (The Little
Greats) series
Shows David, the shepherd’s, kindness to his herd and how he penned the
larger sheep so that the younger and weaker sheep could feed first. The con­
cern David showed for his sheep is an essential trait and one o f the qualifica­
tions for becoming King and taking care of the people. Cartoon illustrations.
* R o s e n f e l d , R u t h .
Beyond These Shores: 1934-1940: Poems & Diary
of a Jewish Girl Who Escapedfrom Nazi Germany,
illus. photos, tr. by
Thomas Dorsett. Baltimore, MD: Icarus, 1996. 80 p. (12up)
A remarkable book of poetry and a diarywritten by a young German-Jewish
girl from the time she was fourteen through her nineteenth year, expressing the
increasingly frightening world of pre-war Germany and her forboding and de­
spair at the coming tragedy and having to acclimate alone in America.
R o s s e l , S e y m o u r .
A Thousand and One Chickens,
illus. Vlad Guzner.
NY: UAHC, 1995. 70 p. (9-12)
A brief folktale has been extended into a chapter book. The accused is found
guilty of killing 1000 of the king’s chickens because he dropped the king’s
lunch of a boiled egg. It falls to a wise woman to prove that a boiled egg cannot
hatch and produce more chickens. Better for a tale than a whole book .
* R o t h e n b e r g , J o a n .
Inside-Out Grandma,
first illus. Joan Rothen-
berg. NY: Little, Brown, 1995. 32 p. (5-8)
Grandma wears her clothes inside-out to remind her of one thing which re­
minds her of another and so on until it reminds her that she will be making lots of
latkes, which reminds her that she needs to buy oil. A funny tale with gay illustra­
tions full of memories. A real
(grandmother tale). Latke recipe provided.