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Jewish Juvenile Books
S c h u r , M a x i n e R o s e .
When I Left My Village,
illus. Brian Pinkney.
NY: Dial, 1996. 64 p. (7-10)
In this sequel to
Day ofDelight,
Menelik and his family are leaving Ethiopia
because o f the famine and also because of the increased persecution o f the Beta
Israel, Ethiopian Jews. The family secredy and perilously makes its way to
Sudan and then to Israel. Scratchboard illustrations
*S c h w a r t z , H o w a r d
Next Year in Jerusalem: 3000 Years of
Jewish Stories,
first illus. Neil Waldman. NY: Viking, 1996. (8-12)
A collection of rare Jewish folktales and legends centering on Jerusalem.
Stories are from the Talmud and Midrash, folklore from many countries and
many centuries, including Italy, Iraq, Greece, Spain and Poland, and Hassidic
tales. Neil Waldman has suffused the pages in the colors ofJerusalem from the
gold and burnt orange of sunrise and sunset, to the pale blues and turquoises
o f early dawn and the lavenders of twilight.
S e m e l ,
N a v a ; tr. by Hillel Halkin.
Flying Lessons.
NY: Simon &
Schuster, 1995. 119p. (10-14)
A motherless girl believes a shoemaker’s tale of people who flew. She tries
it and is hurt. What he meant was an oblique reference to people who “es­
caped” the camps by “flying” up the chimney as smoke. Well written, interest­
ing, but too sophisticated for its audience.
* S i l v e r m a n , E r i c a .
illus. Deborah Nourse Lattimore.
Mahwah, NJ: BridgeWater, 1996. unp. (5-10)
A Jewish Rapunzel story. Elijah performs a miracle, not only by supplying
the demanded objects but also by teaching Gittel how to make them. Thus,
Gittel is able to free her father from indebtedness and make a good living for
them both. Lattimore’s dreamlike Chagallesque illustrations are truly magical,
but the magic comes not from without, but from within. A wonderful book.
S o f e r , B a r b a r a .
Shalom, Haver-Goodbye, Friend,
illus. photos. Rock­
ville, MD: Kar-Ben, 1996. 48 p. (7-All ages)
Documents Rabin’s life and also addresses the difficult subject of mourning
in 300 carefully chosen words and 46 photographs, many from the albums of
his sister Rachel. Rabin is remembered not only as a courageous soldier and
leader, but as a brother, father, grandfather, and friend. In English and Hebrew.
* S p e r b e r , C h a n a
D a n i e l ,
The Ten Best Jewish Chil­
dren’s Stories.
illus. Jeffrey Allon. NY: Pitsopany, 1995. 41 p. (7-10)
A collection of ten teaching stories, each followed by thought questions.
The best story is “The Chickens That Turned Into Goats.” Large, expressive,
naturalistic illustrations, quite attractive. The stories are stripped to their es­
sentials and so are ready for story-telling.
S p e r e g e n , D e v r a N e w b e r g e r .
Yoni Netanyahu: Commando at En­
illus. photos & maps. Philadephia: JPS, 1995. 120 p. (8-12)