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About the American Jew who committed himself to Israel and was the only
fatality on the Entebbe commando raid that rescued 105 hijacked Jewish pas­
sengers held captive in Uganda’s Entebbe Airport of July 4, 1976. (Brother of
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, 1996.)
o p e k , S u s a n R e m i c k .
A Costumefor Noah: A Purim Story,
illus. Sal­
ly Springer. Rockville, MD: Kar-Ben, 1995. unp. (4—8)
Noah is wearing something different at his class’ Purim party—thanks to
the arrival of the new baby. It is a shirt that says: “Big Brother!”
V o s , Ida; tr. by Terese Edlstein and Inez Smidt.
Dancing on the Bridge
at Avignon.
Houghton, 1995. 144 p. (10-14)
Rosa dreams of the days before the war when she was able to do all the nor­
mal things a 10-year-old girls does. Now she shakes each time the doorbell
rings, fearing the Nazis are coming to take her family away. Despite rumors of
deliverance and escape, the family is arrested and sent to the camps. This book
is more manufactured scenes and dialogue as vehicle for the history than
and Seek
, Vos’ first book, but it is still good.
W a l d m a n , N e i l . T ^
Golden City: Jerusalem’s 3,000 Years,
illus. Neil
Waldman. NY: Atheneum/Simon & Schuster, 1995. 32 p. (7-10)
A succinct illustrated history of Jerusalem from King David’s time to the
present day, including the three faiths who claim its importance to them. Evoc­
ative watercolor and colored pencil artwork.
W e i l e r s t e i n , S a d i e R o s e .
Ktonton’s Yom Kippur Kitten.
3rd illus.
Joe Boddy. Philadelphia: JPS, 1995. 36 p. (5-7)
A picture-book edition with some modernization of phrases has K’tonton
first letting a stray kitten take the blame for the milk K’tonton spilled and but
then he repents for Yom Kippur. An improvement from the original.
* W e i n b e r g , J e s h a j a h u and R i n a E l i e l i .
The Holocaust Museum
in Washington,
illus. photos .
Rizzol i ,
200 p. (12up)
Chronicles the story of the development and meaning behind the national
Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. The author explores the building and
exhibits and discusses the values and principles inherent in any Holocaust col­
lection. Includes the research collection available.
* X u X i n
B e v e r l y F r i e n d .
Legends ofthe ChineseJews.
NJ: Ktav,
Ail oral history of the Jews of Kaifeng. The author spent a semester as a
scholar-at-large at Harvard’s Center for Jewish Studies. Fascinating.
Y o l e n , J a n e .
Twelve Chinese Acrobats,
illus. Gralley, Jean.
N Y :
mel/Putnam & Grosset Group, 1995. unp. (7-11)
A rollicking family tale about Yolen’s father, Velvl (Wolf) and his older
brother Lyovka (Lou) when the family still lived in the Ukraine, near Kiev, in
1910. Few tell a story as well as Yolen, as this autobiographical tale demon­
strates. Witty Sendak-like pencil illustrations of extraordinary depth and texture.