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Yiddish Books
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[S p i e g e l , Y e sh a y a h u .]
Isaiah Spiegel: Yiddish narrative prose from the
Lodz ghetto.
[Editor]: Yechiel Szeintuch; co-editor: Vera
Solomon. Jerusalem, The Magnes Press, The Hebrew
University, 1995. xiv, 402 p., illus., ports., facsim.
“ 16 stories edited from rescued manuscripts with
introductions [in English and Hebrew] and a series of oral
interviews with the author” (preface).
G o l d , G o l d i e A d l e r ,
A touch of mameloshn.
New York,
Center for Culture Life of The Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter
Ring, 1994. 51 p.
Yiddish stories in romanization (with annotations), adapted
for use in Yiddish classes.
K u lb a k , M o I s h e
Le messie fils d ’Ephraim.
Presentation, traduction
et notes: Carole Ksiazenicer-Matheron. [Paris], Imprimerie
Nationale, 1995. 188 p., illus. (La Salamandre)
French translation of
Meshiekh ben Efroyem,
with brief
sections also in Yiddish. Published as part of a series of
distinguished literary translations into French.
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