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K e r l e r , J o s e f ; K a r l o f f , B o r is .
Words in a mirror; selected poems.
[Jerusalem], Yerusholayimer Almanakh, with Three Sisters
Press, 1996. 80 p., port.
The authors are a father-and-son team who emigrated from
the former Soviet Union in the 1970s. The father lives in
Jerusalem; the son (actual name: Dov-Ber Kerler) is on the
faculty of the Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies.
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/TT43 .1994
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/tt 160.1996 - v'awn ,-pa-Vxnw*» ,a-ax-Vn
M a n g e r , I t z ik ; Z e l t z e r , Cha im .
Gedichte und Balladen.
von Anna Esther Steinbaum. Jerusalem, [Anna Esther
Steinbaum], 1993. 94 p., ports.
Poems by two Yiddish authors, in Yiddish and German (on
facing pages). At the end: “Anne Frank” (poem), by Moshe
R o g e l , J o s e f .
Ojschwiz: lider
Auschwitz: Gedichte.
Aus dem
Jiddischen iibertragen von Othmar Andree. 183 p., illus.
Holocaust poems in Yiddish (romanized) and German, on