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facing pages, with an introduction in German. Originally
published in Montreal, 1951. The author was born in 1911
(Tarnow) and died in 1989 (Montreal).
T e i t e l b o im , D o r a .
A ll my yesterdays were steps; the selected poems of
Dora Teitelboim.
Edited and translated by Aaron Kramer;
illustrations by Stan Kaplan. Hoboken, NJ, The Dora
Teitelboim Foundation, in association with KTAV Publishing
House, 1995. xxv, 215 p., illus., port.
Text of the poems in Yiddish and English (facing pages),
with an introduction by Jacob Zvi Shargel (in English): “Poet
of rebellion and lyricism.”
W h i tm a n , R u t h ,
An anthology of modem Yiddish poetry;
bilingual edition.
3rd edition, revised and enlarged. Detroit,
Wayne State University Press, 1995. 213 p., illus.
Text of the poems in Yiddish and English (facing pages),
with an introduction in English. The 1st edition was published
in 1966, the 2nd edition in 1979. The 3rd edition includes
newly added poems by Celia Dropkin, Rachel Korn, Anna
Margolin, Kadya Molodowsky, Jacob Glatstein and Abraham
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C a n ta r .
Guitele Levin, Sara Nestel - coordinadoras del
proyecto; [singer]: Debbie Levin de Gutverg. [Mexico, D.F.:
Yidishe Shul in Meksike], 1995. 2 vols. (illus.) + 2 cassettes.
Collection of songs for kindergarten pupils; in 2 parts:
Festividades judaas; Canciones para todos los daas.
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41 melodies for texts of Yiddish poets.
Tel Aviv, I.
L. Peretz, 1995. vi, 82 p., music.