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Yiddish Books
The author is a composer who emigrated to Israel from
Chernovtsy in 1991.
G e b i r t i g , M o r d e k h a i . ]
Mordechaj Gebirtig: Jiddische Lieder.
Manfred Lemm; Ubersetzungen, Transkriptionen: Angelika
Rudolph, Dagmar Gutmann, Manfred Lemm. 2. Auflage.
Wuppertal, Edition Kiinstlertreff, 1994. 296 p., illus., music,
Includes 80 songs by the Cracow-born Yiddish poet and
songwriter (1877-1942), in Yiddish (original alphabet and Latin
transcription) and German, with introductions in German. The
1st edition was published in 1992, on the 50th anniversary of
Gebirtig’s martyrdom.
L e v i t a n , R u t h .
Lakht a bisl, lakht a sakh
Laugh a little
laugh a lot.
Brooklyn, [Ruth Levitan], 1995. 216 p., illus.: Jan Vidra.
Jokes and anecdotes in romanized Yiddish. Includes
S o g N i t K e jnm o l . . . ;
Lieder des jiidischen Widerstandes; jiidische
Arbeiter- und Partisanen-Lieder.
Auswahl, Transkription aus dem
Jiddischen, Ubersetzung und Erlauterung: Arno Lustiger.
Frankfurt am Main, Dezernat fur Kultur und Freizeit, 1994.
16 p., music.
Holocaust songs, in Yiddish with German translations.
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B a k o n , Y i t z h a k .
Mendele, Sholem Aleichem; a new insight.
Gan, Bar Ilan University, The Rena Costa Center for Yiddish
Studies, 1995. 272 p., ports., facsim.
Criticism of Mendele Moykher-Sforim and Sholem
Aleichem, in Yiddish and Hebrew.
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