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ment has stimulated the most variegated literature. The Hebrew
language which was to become the vehicle of the reborn Jewish
commonwealth was recreated in part in its modern dress by Eliezer
Ben-Yehudah. A pioneer of the Labor Zionist movement was
Aaron David Gordon. Perhaps one of the the most eloquent
spokesmen for the Zionist movement in English was Maurice
Samuel. Among Hebrew authors we recall David Frishman and
Gershon Shofman. As Israel’s cultural and literary life flourished,
American Jewry has produced scholars the likes of Robert Gordis
and Harry M. Orlinsky; the educator, Zevi Scharfstein, and the
highly acclaimed thinker and theologian, Abraham Joshua He­
schel, who a quarter century after his death has come to be appre­
ciated in liberal Christian theological circles.
Instutionallywe have been enriched by the Hochschule fuer die
Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin, the Hebrew Theological
College in Chicago, and the American Jewish Archives in Cincin­
As we survey all these rich contributions to our patrimony, we
look for an ever more generous harvest of Jewish creativity.
i t h o u t
d e f in it e
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e b r u a r y
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