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A g u i l a r , G r a c e .
150th anniversary of death.
Bom in London, England, June 2 ,1816 ; died in Frankfurt amMain,
September 16, 1847. English author of popular novels of Jewish and
non-Jewish themes as well as religious works
A l b e c k , H a n o k h .
25th anniversary of death.
Bom in 1890; died in Jerusalem in 1972. Taught Talmud and rab­
binic litrature at the Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums
at Berlin, and from 1936 until 1956 at the Hebrew University. Author
of numerous scholarly works in German and Hebrew.
l p e r s o n
, M
o r d e c a i
. 50th anniversary of death.
Bom near Kamenetz-Podolsk, Russia, in 1860; died in Buenos
Aires, Argentina, July 24, 1947. In Argentina since 1891, he was a co­
founder of the colonyMauricio whose history he published in Yiddish.
He also wrote essays in Yiddish about other aspects of Argentinian
Jewish life.
l tm a n n
, A
l e x a n d e r
. 10th anniversary of death.
Bom in Kassa, Czech Republic, April 16, 1906; died in Boston,
Mass., June 6, 1987. Professor, rabbi. Scholar of wide-ranging inter­
ests, especially medieval Jewish philosophy, theology, and philsophy of
religion. Professor at Brandeis Universiy, 1959-1976.
m er ica n
ew ish
r c h iv e s
. 50th anniversary of founding.
Established at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati in 1947 by Ja­
cob R. Marcus, it collects material on all aspects of American Jewish
life. It also published a semi-annual journal by the same title, in which
some of its researchs are published.
A n o k h i ( A r o n s o n ) , Z a lm a n I s a a c .
50th anniversary
Bom in Liadi, Russia, in 1878; died in Tel-Aviv, October 14, 1947.
A writer who first published in Hebrew, he later concentrated on Yid­
dish, where he made his mark, particularly with Hasidic stories.
r o n so n
, J
o s e ph
10th anniversary of death.
Bom in Kaunas, Lithuania, July 1, 1891; died in Monsey, N.Y., Au­
gust 8,1987 . Rabbi. Author of commentaries on the Jerusalem Talmud.
y a l t i
, H
J .
( C
h o n e l
l e n b o r t
). 5th anniversary of
Bom in Soposkien, Russia, 1911; died in New York City, January
21, 1992. Author of novels and short stories in Yiddish and English.