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Jewish Literary Anniversaries
s c h e r
, S
a u l
. 150th anniversary of death.
Born in Berlin in 1767; died there, Decembver 8, 1822. In his writ­
ings he advocated the emancipation of the Jews and religious reforms
in the Jewish community, He also wrote works against anti-semitism.
A u e r b a c h , B e n j a m i n H i r s c h ( Z e b i B e n j a m i n ) .
125th anni­
versary of birth.
Born near Neuwied, Germany in 1808; died in Halberstadt, Ger­
many, September 29, 1872. One of the first modern Orthodox rabbis
in Germany, he published an important history of the Jews of Halber­
stadt, religious textnooks, and sermons. Among his Hebrew writings
are a work about circimcision and a critique of Frankel’s introduction
to the Mishnah.
a e r
, S
e l ig m a n n
. 100th anniversary of his death.
Born in Mosbach, Germany in 1825; died in Biebrich, Germany,
March 31, 1897. A scholar of wide interests, his most enduring contri­
bution is his edition of the Siddur with a huistorical commentary, trac­
ing the origin of the prayers. He was also a student of the Masorah, the
rabbinic notes to the biblical text, he edited most of the biblical books
together with the prominent Christian scholar Franz Delitzsch.
- Y
o s e f
, Y
eh o s h u a
. 5th anniversary of death.
Born in Tiberias in 1911; died in Israel in 1992. Novelist and play­
e e
( B
ir z o w s k i
) , N
. 5th annivesary of death.
Born in Warsaw, September 25, 1916; died in Bethesda, Md., Oc­
tober 4, 1992. Political cartoonist for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.
e n
- Y
e h u d a h
, E
l i e z e r
. 75 th anniversary of his death.
Born in Luzhky, Lithuania in 1857; died in Jerusalem, December
16, 1922. He is considered the father ofthe modern Hebrew language,
for since his migration to Eretz-Israel in 1881, he championed the
cause of Hebrew as the main language of the Jewish settlement. He also
compiled the first
Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language
, which he did not
live to see completed, but which was brought to conclusion by others.
e n
- Z
i o n
( W
e i n m a n
) 10th anniversary o f death.
Born in Starokonstantinoslav, Ukraine, July 8, 1897; died New
York City, January 23, 1987. Poet, artist.
e r k o v it s
, E
l i e z e r
. 5th anniversary of death.