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Jewish Literary Anniversaries
D e
a a s
, J
a c o b
125th anniversary
o f
Born in London, England, August 13, 1872; died in New York City,
March 21, 1937. An English Jewish journalist who embraced Zionism
upon first meeting Herzl in England, he devoted his whole life to this
cause, emigrating to America at the request of Herzl, channeling his
journalistic activity here to that case. In addition to many Zionist pam­
phlets and a biography of Herzl, he also wrote
The Encyclopaedia ofJew­
ish Knowledge
im o n t
, M
I . 5th anniversary of death.
Born in Helsinki, Finland, August 12, 1912; died in St. Louis, Mo.,
March 25, 1992. Author of several popular books on Jewish history.
Jews, God, and History
sold over 1.5 million copies in over 16 edi­
tions in at least 6 languages.
u k e r
, A
b r a h am
G. 10th anniversary of death.
Born in Rypin, Poland, September 7, 1907; died in Kfar Saba, No­
vember 18, 1987. Professor, scholar, librarian. Editor of several major
Jewish periodicals; author ofmany articles in the areas of Polish-Jewish
history and American Jewish sociology.
d e l m a n n
, R
a p h a e l
25th anniversary of death.
Bom in Latvia, 1902; died in Israel, 1972. Librarian and scholar, he
was brought to Denmark as a child, and became the head of the Jewish
Department at the Royal Library of Copenhagen in 1938; from 1948
until his death he lectured on Jewish subjects at the University of
Copenhagen. He published extensively in many fields.
m m a n u e l
, I
a m u e l
25th anniversary of death.
Bom in Thessalonike, Greece in 1899; died in Cincinnati, Ohio in
1972. Author of histories of theJews inThessalonike and in the Carribean.
n g e l m a n
, U
r i a h
Z. 25th anniversary of death.
Bom in Kovel, White Russia, January 3, 1895; died in Miami, Flor­
ida, April 15, 1972. Author of books and articles on Jewish education
and American Jewish history.
r ishm a n
, D
a v id
. 75th anniversary of death.
Born in Zgiers, Poland (ca.) 1860; died in Berlin, August 4, 1922. A
Hebrew writer, editor, and critic, he wrote both poetry and prose. As
a critic he attacked the artificiality of the later Haskalah writers, striv­
ing to raise the standards of Hebrew writings. He also translated many
of the world’s classics into Hebrew.