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e b r e w
h e o l o g i c a l
o l l e g e
anniversary o f founding.
Established in Chicago as an Orthodox rabbinical seminary in 1922,
it added a liberal arts college program to meet the ever growing need
for rabbinic and lay leadership in American Jewry.
e r t z
, J
o s e ph
e rm a n
. 125th anniversary of birth.
Born in Rebrin, Slovakia, September 25,1872; died in London, En­
gland in 1946. Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of
the British Empire, his best known works are his
A Book ofJewish
, a commentary on the Pentateuch and Haftarot; and the
Prayerbook, with translation and notes.
e r z b e r g
, W
i l h e l m
. 100th anniversary o f death.
Born in Stettin, Germany in 1827; <lied in Brussels, April 20, 1897.
German author and communal worker in Eretz Israel in the late nine­
teenth century.
e s c h e l
, A
b r a h am
o s h u a
25th anniversary
o f
Born in Warsaw in 1907; died in New York City, December 23,
1972. Rabbi, professor. Author of many books on Jewish theology and
thought. His spiritual writings has had a major impact on some Chris­
tian thinkers and writers during the 1980s and 1990s.
H o c h s c h u l e fU r d ie W i s s e n s c h a f t d e s J u d e n t u m s .
anniversary of founding.
Opened in Berlin, May 6, 1872; closed during the Nazi period in
1942. It was the first rabbinical seminary to train Liberal rabbis.
o f e r
, Y
e h i e l
. 25th anniversary of death.
Born in Warsaw in 1906; died in Israel, 1972. Yiddish novelist
whose fiction treats the Hasic world of Warsaw.
u r w i t z
, S
a u l
75th anniversary of death.
Born in Uvarovitshi, Russia in 1860; died in Berlin, August 10,
1922. A Hebrew writer and journalist, he espoused the cause of Zion­
ism and a rethinking of the fundamental ofJudaism. He also translated
Moses Hess’
Rom undJerusalem
into Hebrew.
s s e r l e s
, M
o s e s
. 425th anniversary of birth.
Bom near Krakow, Poland, early in the 16th century; died there,
May 1, 1572. A prominent rabbinic teacher in his generation, he is best
known as the author of the
(Table Cloth) to Joseph Caro’s
Shulhan Arukh
(Prepared Table, a supplement to the code for use of
the Ashkenazic Jews.
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