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Jewish Literary Anniversaries
a c h o v e r
, F
i s h e l
. 5 0 th anniversary o f death.
Born in Chorezele, Poland in 1885; died in Tel-Aviv, February 22,
1947. Editor and author, he was the author of a multi-volume history
of modern Hebrew literature.
u z z a t t o
, M
o s e s
a y y im
250th anniversary of death.
Born in Padua, Italy in 1707; died in Acre, May 6, 1747. Cabbalistic
author and poet whose most enduring work is
Mesillat Yesharim
of the Upright”), an ethical treatise.
a r g u l i e s
, S
a m u e l
ir s
c h
. 7 5 th anniversary o f death.
Born in Brzezan, Galicia, October 9, 1858; died in Florence, Italy in
1922. Rabbi and scholar, he headed the Collegio Rabbinico Italiano,
where he was mentor to several generations of Italian Jewish spiritual
a s k i l e i s o n
, N
a p h t h a l i
. 1 00 th anniversary o f death.
Born near Minsk, Russia, February 20, 1829; died in Minsk, No­
vember 19, 1897. Hebrew author and prose-stylist whose infleuntial
writings appeared in Hebrew periodicals for over forty years.
M a t t , H e r s c h e l
J .
75 th anniversary o f birth; 10th anniversary o f death.
Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 11, 1922; died in Highland
Park, Pennsylvania, December 26, 1987. Rabbi. Author of many arti­
cles on Jewish liturgy, human relations, and peace.
e y e r
, I
s i d o r e
S. 5th anniversary of death.
Born in New London, Conn., November 19, 1903; died in New
York City, September 8, 1992. Librarian at the American Jewish His­
torical Society (1940-1962) and editor of journal
American Jewish His­
o m g l i a n o
, A
r n o l d o
a n t e
. 10 th anniversary o f death .
Born in Caraglio (Cuneo), Italy in 1908; died in 1987. Classicist
who wrote on the intellectual history of Jews in Hellenestic and Ro­
man times.
o r a i s
, S
a b a t o
. 1 00 th anniversary o f death.
Born in Livorno, Italy in 1823; died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
November 11, 1897. Rabbi of Congregation Mikve Israel in Philadel­
phia from 1851 until his death, he was an important spokesman for
Jewish tradition; served as the first president of the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America in New York.