Page 343 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 54

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u n t n e r
, S
u e s sm a n
. 100th anniversary of birth.
Born in Kolomea, Galicia, September 20, 1897; died inn Jerusalem
in 1973. Professor of the history of medicine at the Hebrew Universi­
ty, his primary contribution was the translation of Maimonides’ medi­
cal writings from Arabic into Hebrew.
e w m a n
L o u i s ,
25th anniversary of death.
Born in Providence, R.I., December 20, 1893; died in New York
City, March 9, 1972. Rabbi and author.
o b e l
, N
e h e m i a h
n t o n
75th anniversary
o f
Born in Nagymed, Hungary in 1871; died in Frankfurt am Main,
January 24, 1922. German Orthodox rabbi and leader within Religious
Zionism who influenced such non-Orthodox thinkers asMartin Buber
and Franz Rosenzweig.
r l in s k y
, H
M . 5th anniversary of death.
Born in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, March 17,1908; died in Bal­
timore, Md., March 21, 1992. Professor of Bible, Hebrew Union Col-
lege-Jewish Institute of Religion (1943-1991). Author of books and
articles on the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, and Bible translation.
s t r i k e r
, A
l i c i a
60th birthday.
Born in New York City, November 11, 1937. Novelist.
a t a i
, R
a p h a e l
. 1st anniversary of death.
Bom in Budapest on November 22, 1910; died in Phoenix, Arizona,
July 1996. Professor at several instituions, Patai was the author ofmore
than thiry books on Jewish folklore, history, and Zionism.
a l e y
, G
r a c e
75th birthday.
Born in New York City, December 11, 1922. Novelist.
l e s s n e r
, S
a lom o n
. 250th anniversary of birth.
Born in Breslau, April 23,1747; died in Posen, August 28,1883. Or­
thodox rabbi, preacher and Bible commentator in German and He­
r o s e
, F
r a n c i n e
50th birthday.
Bom in Brooklyn, N.Y., April 1, 1947. Novelist.
o u t t e n b e r g
, M
J . 10th anniversary of death.
Born in Montreal, Canada, March 22, 1909; died Yorktown
Heights, N.Y., January 19, 1987. Rabbi and author.