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Jewish Literary Anniversaries
a m u e l
, M
a u r i c e
25th anniversary of death.
Born in Macin, Romania, February 8, 1895; died in New York City,
May 4, 1972. Lecturer and author of many popular works on Jewish
life, anti-semitism, and Zionism.
c h a r f s t e i n
, Z
e v i
H . 25th anniversary of death.
Born in Dunyavetsy, Russia, March 15, 1884; died in New York
City, October 11, 1972. Educator and author of many textbooks in
Jewish and Hebrew language education.
c h l e s in g e r
, A
k iba
o s e p h
. 75th anniversary of death.
Born in Pressburg, Austro-Hungary in 1837; died in Eretz Israel,
April 29, 1922. Orthodox rabbi, polemicist, and leader of Religious Zi­
c h l o s s
, E
z e k i e l
. 10th anniversary of death.
Born in Riga, Latvia, in 1912; died in New York City, March 30,
1987. Editor, illustrator. Edited
World Over
, children’s magazine pub­
lished by the Board of Jewish Education of New York, 1942-1977.
c h o l em
, G
e r sh o m
. 100th anniversary of birth.
Born in Berlin, December 5, 1897; died in Jerusalem, February 21,
1982. Professor ofJewish mysticism and Kabbalah at the Hebrew Uni­
versity (1933-1965), author of numerous works in German and He­
brew, he is considered the founder of the academic study of this field.
h a l e v
, Y
i t z h a k
. 5th anniversary of death.
Born in Tiberias, Israel in 1911; died inJerusalem in 1992. Poet and
h o fm a n
, G
e r s h o n
. 25th anniversary of death.
Born in Orsha, White Russia in 1880; died in Israel in 1972. Short
story writer and essayist.
h u n a m i
, S
h l o m o
. 100th anniversary o f birth.
Born in Munkacs, Hungary, October 4, 1897; died in Jerusalem in
1984. For many years on the staff of the Jewish National and Univer­
sity Library inJerusalem, he used his vast erudition to compile
The Bib­
liography ofJewish Bibliographies
, first published in 1935, and in a much
enlarged form again in 1965.
il v e rm a n
, M
o r r is
. 25th anniversary of death.
Born in Newburgh, New York, November 11, 1894; died in Hart-