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ford, Conn., March 3, 1972. Editor of eight prayerbooks used by the
Conservative Movement, he also write wrote a history of the Jews of
Hartford, Conn.
k l a r e
, M
a r sh a l l
. 5th anniversary of death.
Born in Chicago, 111., October 21, 1921; died in Newton, Mass.,
March 1,1992. Author ofmany seminal books and articles in American
Jewish sociology, he is considered the “father” of the field.
l o u s c h z
, N
a h u m
125th anniversary
o f
Born near Vilna, December 1, 1872; died in Gedera, Israel in 1966.
A Semitics scholar who taught for many years at the Sorbonne in Paris,
he was also a prolific Hebrew writer and translator. He wrote one the
first histories of modem Hebrew literature to be published in English.
t a r r
, H
a r r y
. 5th anniversary of death.
Born in Vitebsk, Russia, 1900; died in Gloversville, N.Y., July 25,
1992. Attorney; secretary, president, and chariman of the Lucius Lit-
tauer Foundation, which has funded many academic projects, publica­
tions, and library collections in Jewish Studies.
t e in b e r g
, J
a c o b
. 50th anniversary of death.
Born in he Ukraine in 1887; died in Tel-Aviv, June 22, 1947. Both
as a Yiddish and Hebrew poet and story teller, he dealt with the diffi­
culties of the modern Jew emerging from the ghetto.
a n n en b a um
, M
H . 5th anniversary of death.
Bom in Baltimore, Md., October 13, 1925; died in New York City,
July 3, 1992. Rabbi; author of many books and articles in the field of
Christian-Jewish relations.
a r t a k o w e r
, A
r y e h
. 100th anniversary of birth.
Born in Brody, Galicia, September 24, 1897; died in Israel in 1982.
Sociologist, demographer, and historian, he was the author of many
scholarly works, including a history of the Jewish labor movement.
e b e r
, S
i m o n
10th anniversary of death.
Born in Stashev, Poland, May 11, 1911; died December 2, 1987.
Journalist with
The Jewish Daily Forward
between 1939 and 1987.
h i t m a n
, R
u t h
75th birthday. Born in 1922.
Poet and translator.