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Jewish Literary Anniversaries
e h o a s h
( S
o l o m o n
l o o m g a r t e n
). 12 5 th anniversary o f b irth .
Born in Wirballen, Lithuania, September 16, 1872 (some sources
1871); died in New York City in 1927. Yiddish poet perhaps best
known for his lyrical translation of the Bible into Yiddish.
e s h u r u n
, A
v o t
. 5 th anniversary o f death.
Born in Volhynia in 1904; died in Israel in 1992. Poet.
a c u t o
M o s e s . 300th anniversary o f death.
Born ca. 1625; died in Mantua, October 1, 1697. Cabbalistic writer
and poet.
a m o s z
, I
s r a e l
225th anniversary of birth.
Born in Buberki, Galicia about 1700; died in Brody, Galicia, April
20, 1772. After teaching in the Yeshiva at Brody, he went to Berlin,
where he taught Moses Mendelssohn mathematics and logic. Having
acquired a modern education, he attempted to analyze traditional He­
brew literature from a modern point of view. Several of his commen­
taries on medieval Hebrew philosophers were published
i l b e r c w e i g
, Z
a l m e n
2 5 th anniversary o f death.
Born in Ozorkow, Poland, Sept. 27, 1894; died in Los Angeles, Ca­
lif., July 25, 1972. Editor and translator; author of multi-volume bio­
graphical encyclopedia of the Yiddish theater.
i o n i s t
o n g r e s s
, F
i r s t
. 100th anniversary.
Basel, Switzerland, August 29, 1897.
u c k e r
, M
o s e s
. 10th anniversary of death.
Born in Kopeczowka, Poland, January 14, 1902; died Miami, Flor­
ida, August 7, 1987. Professor of rabbinics at Jewish Theological Sem­
inary, 1947-1980. Author of scholarly books and articles on Saadia
Gaon and Genizah studies