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The 1996 National
Jewish Book Awards
i c t i o n
, by Evan Zimroth, Crown Publishers
is a bold and beautifully crafted tale of adultery and erotic
obsession. Its lovers are Nicole, an observant Jew who teaches Bible stud­
ies at a New York college, and Tom, an architect and a devout Christian.
They meet clandestinely in an empty apartment where they abandon
themselves to passionate—sometimes perverse—eroticism, and where
they create a guilt-ridden but irresistible world. Theology is the lovers’
private code, a shared love-talk, tender but lethal as a weapon. Armed
with Scripture, religious but in crucial ways amoral, willing to risk every­
thing for their illicit bond, they become sexual oudaws—gangsters—dan­
gerous to others, and to themselves. The Jewish Book Council is pleased
to celebrate this provactive first novel.
o n f i c t i o n
Friend: The Life and Legacy ofYitzchak Rabin.
Staff of the Jerusalem Report, edited by David Horovitz,
Newmarket Press
This book is not only a timely biography of a great leader, a soldier
turned peacemaker, but also a history of Israel. With fine reporting that
captures the momentousness of the event, the book reads as though it was
written by one person, although it is the work of many. In his introduc­
tion, Hirsch Goodman, editor-in-chief of the
Jerusalem Report
, describes
Rabin as “a son of Israel and the father of its future.” Incisive, informative,
and balanced,
does justice—if that were possible—to the
memory of a hero. The team of writers, under the editorship of David
Horovitz, has created an important book of our times.
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