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The rest of the story is relatively uncomplicated and can be sum­
marized briefly. In October 1985, JRSO recommended to the
Court that all of the manuscripts and two printed books be recalled
from their purchasers. The Court approved this. The Judaica Con­
servancy Foundation was incorporated in January, 1986. In July,
JRSO recommended to the Court that all of the assets be entrusted
to the Judaica Conservancy Foundation. Saul Kagan, Executive
Director of JRSO, justified the recommendation in part as fol­
1. The Judaica Conservancy Foundation represents a joint under­
taking of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute o f Reli­
gion, Cincinnati; the Hebrew University, Jerusalem; the Jewish
Theological Seminary, New York; the Leo Baeck College,
London; the Leo Baeck Institute, New York; and Yeshiva Uni­
versity, New York. The Institutions encompass the three prin­
ciple Jewish institutions o f higher learning in the United States
and and the leading university in Israel which includes the Jew­
ish National and University Library, as well as the educational
and research institutions closely identified with the community
which was served by the Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des
Judentums. These institutions represent major centers o f teach­
ing and research in Jewish studies and reflect the major trends
in Jewish life.
2. The institutions represented by the Judaica Conservancy Foun­
dation have a well established record of research and preserva­
tion o f Judaica, experts in the field o f Judaica on their staff and
curricula for the training ofJudaic scholars, teachers and rabbis.
3. Members of the faculty and graduates of the Berlin Hochschule
found refuge in and became part of the faculties and leadership
o f member institutions of the Judaica Conservancy Foundation.
4. Judaica Conservancy Foundation’s member institutions in their
teaching and research utilize the methodology of scholarly re­
search and teaching which was developed at the Hochschule in
On August Injustice White approved JRSO’s distribution plan,
“which provides that the Jewish Conservancy Foundation, Inc. pre­
The Guttmann Affair
24. Letter to Justice White dated July 8, 1986.