Page 100 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 6 (1947-1948)

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Programs fo r Jewish Book Month
— This 32 page booklet contains suggestions
for activities and projects for (a) coordinated community; (b) local institutions,
that is, centers, synagogues, Jewish schools and public libraries; (c) small groups,
classes, clubs and special activity groups, and (d) private homes. Approximately
4,000 copies were distributed.
Jewish Book Month poster
— A beautiful full color illumination by the famous
artist, Arthur Szyk, adorned the 1946 Jewish Book Month poster. The legend
within Mr. Szyk’s design, taken from the ethical will of Judah Ibn Tibbon, trans-
lator of the 12th century says, “Books shall be thy companions.” In the words of
our president, Dr. Solomon Grayzel, “ the Book Council was created to make this
sentiment popular now even as it used to be among the Jews in the past.” 7,000
copies of the poster were printed and distributed and were reputed to have met
with universal approval.
— The design on the official poster was reproduced on 75,000 book-
marks which were distributed.
Some Jewish Books fo r Your Home Library
— A life size photographic repro-
duction of a four-shelf bookcase with a display of books in English, Hebrew and
Yiddish (35x35). This was a popular item and justified the nominal investment by
the Council.
The Magic-Book Shop
— This play for young children, designed for Jewish Book
Month, was written by Sally Miller Brash and evidently filled a real need. Not
only were a large number of copies of the play sold but it was produced in many
I f Books Could Talk
— Written by Sally Miller Brash, this play is intended for
older children.
And I t Was Written and I t Shall Be Read
— A dramatic reading for adults by
Martha Marenoff.
Jewish Books fo r Your Home
— This booklist with an article describing the books
listed by Dr. Solomon Grayzel was revised and brought up to date. 5,000 copies
were printed and the demand exceeded by far the quantity available.
Some Books of Jewish Interest
— This booklist, by Philip Goodman, included
100 titles of Jewish books in English recommended for adults. Some 5000 copies
were printed and distributed.
The Jewish Child in Bookland
— This bibliography with an introductory article
by Fanny Goldstein was reprinted from the Jewish Book Annual.
About Jewish Books
— At the beginning of Jewish Book Month a small quantity
of this book was on hand from the previous year but it was soon exhausted. This
publication, edited by Philip Goodman, includes stories, poems, songs and articles
in English, Hebrew and Yiddish for use in the preparation of programs.
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries
— This pamphlet was prepared by Gert-
rude Finkel, librarian, Hamilton Fish Park Branch, N. Y. Public Library, with an
introduction by Dr. Joshua Bloch. It contains valuable suggestions and a selected
bibliography to meet the needs of public libraries in arranging appropriate programs
for Jewish Book Month. Approximately 2,500 copies of this publication were
distributed to public libraries.
People of the Book
— A six page leaflet was printed for the purposes of stimulating
the organization of local chapters of the Council and to acquaint interested parties
with our program. It contains a presentation of aims and activities of the Council
and a list of available publications.